Verified players' settingsNEW FEATURE
We are happy to announce that CS:GOpedia has started to verify the profiles of professional players. If you see the blue icon near the nickname of the pro player, it means that the basic settings of this player were confirmed by his team or by the player himself.


224 Professional config pro settings of the best players from 47 top teams at
Only relevant information about the players' settings and devices.
  • coldzera
    SK coldzera
  • ScreaM
    EnVyUs ScreaM
  • NiKo
    FaZe NiKo
  • Stewie2k
    Cloud9 Stewie2k
  • s1mple
    Natus Vincere s1mple
  • Zeus
    Natus Vincere Zeus
    Space Soldiers XANTARES
  • KennyS
    G2 Esports KennyS
  • fer
    SK fer
  • shox
    G2 Esports shox