T-crosshair in Crosshair GeneratorNEW FEATURE

We added opportunity to make T-crosshairs in our Crosshair Generator. Now you can easily make T-crosshair and download CFG 

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255 Professional config settings of the best pro players from 57 top teams at HLTV.org
Only relevant information about the players' settings and devices.
  • s1mple
    Natus Vincere s1mple
  • coldzera
    MIBR coldzera
  • Stewie2k
    MIBR Stewie2k
  • NiKo
    FaZe NiKo
  • KennyS
    G2 Esports KennyS
  • ScreaM
  • swag
  • fer
    MIBR fer
  • shroud
  • device
    Astralis device