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About us

Team of Csgopedia.com is a global gaming fellowship with a high focus on Pro eSport of Counter Strike: Global Offensive. The site made for people all around the world, who like, play, are fans of Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

The project is made by group of enthusiast who like Professional eSport based on perfect electronical game CS:GO. Csgopedia believes that as any professional sport, CS:GO also need a professional attitude. The dream of our team is to make the best CS:GO eSport site where you can find all information you need about you favorite teams, players, results, settings, and use the best services for you fun.

If you want to connect with us on any question please write csgopediacom@gmail.com

If you find any mistakes and want to correct them, please spend a minute of your time and write to csgopediacom@gmail.com

If you want to help us in our permanent improvement of Csgopedia.com or have any suggestion, please write csgopediacom@gmail.com.

Team Csgopedia