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About us:

CS:GOpedia is a gaming and tech site that connects passionate CS:GO players all over the world. Content we publish on regular basis:

  • Updated and confirmed settings of CS:GO pro players
  • Complete set of CS:GO gaming services (crosshair generator, console commands, bind generator, etc.)
  • eSports and tech articles
  • CS:GO guides and updates
  • Summary statistics about gaming peripherals and in-game settings of top 232 professional CS:GO players

About our audience:

Our audience is obsessed with video games, eSports and CS:GO in general. A distinctive feature of our visitors is that they regularly check updated information on our site and follow the novelties of eSports industry. Below you will find concrete information about our audience in numbers.

What is the benefit for your company? Our answer is - the targeted audience. 90% of our visitors are young players and tech lovers who regularly check news in gaming and tech industry. We want to show youngsters the benefits of your brand, thus in future you can have potential and regular customers due to the nice psychological impact.

What do we offer?

CS:GOpedia offers two types of advertising for sponsors :