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Best gaming desks in 2020

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There are many things that people are not likely to consider when it comes to the gaming industry. There was a time when gaming seemed to be something that was only meant for fun, but that quickly changed with the digital era and it has allowed people to get some incredible results from a business standpoint. The industry profitability moves forward day by day without a doubt. 

The gaming phenomenon is something that has changed quite a bit in the last decade. It went from being something that is fun and entertaining, to becoming something that is allowing people all over the world to make a living.

The modern gamer has the opportunity to become someone that starts to gain an audience and achieves popularity and notoriety in the gaming world. Some people do this by being humorous and others do it by becoming very good at specific games.

With that said, there are certain things that most of these gamers have in common and that is the kind of pc gaming desk that they use for this purpose.


Some people will say that they have a very hard time achieving optimal results with their gaming sessions if they don’t feel comfortable. This is one of the reasons why a good gaming desk is so important for those who are looking to get an optimal setup for their gaming needs. This is especially important for gamers that broadcast and have a large audience of people that always check their content out. Having a good desk is going to allow them to have an excellent setup. You can also check best gaming chairs for your comfort gaming. 


How do desks maximize your gameplay ability?

There has always been an undeniable need for a quality and space in desks for computer gaming. There are games that require many hours of training in order to get optimal results, but the main issue is that not all desks are created equal and there will be different types of desks that will help people maximize their gameplay ability.

The L desks for gaming seem to be one of the most popular choices for gaming in modern times. This is a very spacious desk and it allows the user to create a very specific layout that is going to allow for an amazing gaming experience. These desks also come equipped with several drawers and compartments that allow gamers to keep anything they might need for their gaming sessions as handy as possible.

Main factors to consider before buying your gaming desk

There are always important things to keep in mind when you are considering the process of buying a gaming desk. We are going to go over the most essential things that you need to consider before you buy the best gaming desk possible for your budget. We do suggest that you check out stores a see some gaming desks for yourself even after you are done with this list of options.

Understanding the value of a good purchase that might be more expensive than you expected is going to be very helpful. You also need to consider that you might find a great desk for a much lower cost than you expected and this is not going to mean the quality is low.

It’s also a good idea to always look for good discounts when you are out shopping for a desk. A corner gaming computer desk is not the same as a glass gaming desk, but you are probably going to find best of them at a much lower cost depending on the kind of deals you are able to find.

The level of comfort

This is probably the first thing you need to do because of how much time you will spend sitting on this desk and playing games. Make sure that there are adjustable ´parts to the desk so that it can be customized for your specific needs.

There are many gamers who will sacrifice their health just to play video games for extended periods of time. This is often seen when streamers will spend six to ten hours playing a game without stopping.

The amount of space

A table for gaming pc needs to be a spacious place that allows you to set your computer, your monitor, your keyboard, your mouse pad and any other peripherals you need. There should be plenty of space between those things. You might be surprised to see that many desks models seem to be quite small but they have more room than you think.

The level of portability

It’s important for anyone who is in need of moving their desk for different reasons to have a portable and lightweight desk that is easy to move around. This is essential for gamers who are often doing tournaments in their area and they want to bring their own desks.

Photo Mouse name Dimension Pros Cons  
pc gaming table Atlantic Gaming DeskEditors choice

40.25x26.75 x49.25 inches

Supports up to a 32 inch Flat Screen TV up to 40 pounds

Work Surface: 40" x 23.5"

Charging station

A lot of storages

The quality corresponds to the price Check Price
gaming pc table Hago Modern L-Shaped Desk Corner Computer Table

 Long Side (right): 66.14''(L) x18.9"(D) x 29.52"(H).

- Short Side (left): 47.24''(L) x18.9"(D) x 29.52"(H).

Huge sise

4 colors

Cheap price

No features Check Price
table for gaming pc

Eureka Ergonomic Z1-S Gaming Desk

Editors choice

44.5 x 24.2 x 30.5 inches

LED lighting

cup holder, headphone hook, controller stand, and an extra-large mouse pad

rock-solid Z-shape design

Price Check Price
pc gaming desk

AmazonBasics Three-Piece Glass Desk

Editors choice

Measures 55 by 20 by 29 inches (WxDxH)

can be separated into 2 desks

CPU stand and  keyboard tray that can be mounted on either side

No features Check Price
best gaming desk Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk - Black

160cm/5' 3 x

 80 cm/2' 7 ½ inches

max height - 31.9 inches

5’ 3” surface width for three large monitors 

2’ 8 ¼” surface  for devices

Cable management system 

14 square feet of water-resistant machine-washable mousepad surface 


High Price Check Price
cheap gaming desk Tribesigns Computer Desk 55"(L) x 23.6"(W) x 29.2"(H)

Very easy to assemble

Widen desktops

Adjustable leg pads design 

No features Check Price
best computer gaming desk Eureka Ergonomic 32” Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

Surface area: 37.4" W x 15.7" D

Gas springs can raise desk height up to 20"

Supports up to 33 lbs

Pre-set grommet hole for convenient screen mounting

Non-skid silicon pads protect desk surface

You need a table Check Price
corner gaming desk Bush Furniture Cabot L Shaped Computer Desk in Espresso Oak 59.45 W X 59.45 D X 30.16 H inches

Large durable work surface 

Computer Desk features a 4-port USB hub 

Stash electronics in handy soft storage tray

Box drawer and open storage cubby shelf house office supplies

Simple, elegant and timeless appearance

High Price

Check Price
gaming station computer desk Z-Line Designs Feliz Glass L Desk, Black

Width: 60".

Depth: 24".

Height: 37"

Raised monitor shelf

Pull-out keyboard tray

Spacious desktop work-space.

Reinforced plates on all welding joints

No features  Check Price
gaming desk cheap TechOrbits Rise-X Standing Desk Converter

Gas springs can raise desk height up to 20"

Surface area: 37.4" W x 15.7" D

Pre-set grommet hole for convenient screen mounting

Non-skid silicon pads protect desk surface

No features Check Price


Your budget

It’s always a good idea to set a maximum budget for this purpose, but there is no need for you to spend as much as you can when you could find some great options within your budget at much lower prices than you might think.

The biggest issue that most people have when they are trying to purchase a gaming pc table and a gaming desk chair is that they rush into the first purchase they can afford, but this is definitely not the best way to go to achieve optimal results from your purchase.

The shape

You have to ask yourself what kind of work you plan on doing besides gaming. Keep in mind that most professional gamers are also going to want to be able to edit videos and spend time online just chatting with other gamers and with their followers, so a comfortable layout is essential. Some people like L shaped desks, other prefer the U shaped layout and some just want the standard style.

The ease of assembly

When you find a gaming desk cheap you are often going to be surprised to see that these desks are not going to be assembled and you are going to have to do the assembly on your own. This also happens with the best computer gaming desk options available, so just be ready for this and make sure that the assembly is not too complex. Whether you buy a very complex desk design or a pc gaming table, you are most likely going to need to get some assembly done.

There is also the alternative of hiring a professional that is going to be able to assemble the desk for you, but we strongly recommend that you learn how to do this yourself. Some of the fun of getting a new desk comes from assembly, but if you don’t have time for that, you can always hire someone to help.

Some Gaming desk options

When you think about the number of options available, this can definitely be an overwhelming thing to consider. You have so many brands out there that you definitely start to feel like you are never going to find the right desk for your needs. The good thing is that you can narrow things down to budgets, dimensions and colors and this is going to make the process much easier.

Check the internet and look for catalogs that have vast options. Once you have found a few that you lie, you can start to get a better idea of what you are looking for.

Atlantic Gaming Desk

There are desks that are designed for all kinds of office work and similar purposes, but there are also desks that have been designed for gaming and this one is a perfect example. The atlantic gaming desk is a desk that even includes a charging stand and speaker stands as well. It has an under desk basket and it allows you to manage wires in a way that feels very practical due to how the desk has been designed.

This is a desk that can be ideal for gamers but also for someone who needs an all-purpose desk that can be perfect for work and for gaming, which in some cases ends up being the same thing for those who make a living playing video games. This is why we consider that this desk is an excellent choice for those who want durability and a practical layout. You won’t go wrong with the atlantic gaming desk pro.

The pros of this desk include the reliable quality and their spacious structure. The only negative thing I could say is that it might not be as affordable as people would expect, but the purchase is worth it without a doubt.

Hago Modern L-Shaped Desk

Sometimes the perfect gaming l shaped desk might not even be a gaming desk by design, but the Hago Modern L-Shaped desk proves to be an ideal choice for this purpose due to all of the features it provides. It’s a very spacious desk that you can use for any purpose, but most importantly, it provides a truly reliable experience in every possible way.

Remember that these types of desks are usually going to require an assembly and this is a very common thing to see, but this particular desk is probably one of the easiest you could ever assemble and this makes it an amazing choice for practicality as well.

An excellent L shaped choice that is being used by many gamers for all kinds of gaming genres. Easy assembly is a great thing but simplicity in general might not be ideal for those who prefer a flashier desk style that looks more modern.

Eureka Ergonomic Z1-S gaming desk

This awesome carbon fiber surface is an extremely modern and stylish look that gamers love. This desk is also equipped with LED lighting and this is a very cool look that gamers have always enjoyed in their equipment. The Z shaped structure is something that can be very attractive because it allows for a very spacious layout for those who don’t want to be constricted and limited when they are trying to setup all of their gaming equipment.

This one was built for gamers as it offers an extremely nice set of features such as a cup holder, a headphone hook and plenty of space for your mouse pad. This is known as one of the best gaming desks styles available and you are going to feel very comfortable using it.

This is a very futuristic looking desk and the only issue that we see with it is that this flashy look might not be what some people want. If you like modern gaming equipment and gear, you will love this Eureka gaming desk.

AmazonBasics Three-Piece Glass Desk

This is one of those desks that is truly unique looking and it provided a very specific experience for people who want something that is both comfortable and uncommon at the same time. This glass layout and the smooth surface provide excellent reasons for this to be your best pc gaming desk option.

The structure on this desk is an extremely powerful build with a black finish that is ideal for those who love this style. You are going to find that this is a very good looking desk that is very easy to move around if you need to change its position in any area of your home or office.

This is the kind of desk that really sets itself on its own for convenience, for affordability and for durability. Definitely an increasingly popular choice that many gamers all over the world want to get for their gaming sessions. 

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

This is a particularly unique desk in the way it has been shaped. It might seem small, but the way it was designed allows for maximum comfort and for plenty of room for all of your gaming equipment to be in one location with enough room. One of the most appealing aspects of this particular desk is that you can find it in different colors too and this means it provides an extra layer of customized value.  

This is a very light weight and convenient desk and this makes it easy to move to other locations without hassles. This is why so many pro gamers love this particular desk. This is guaranteed quality for those willing to invest in a superior desk.

While some desks are going to be much larger and they might seem better, the truth is that most gaming rigs and workspaces are going to be more than fine with a smaller amount of space.

Tribedesigns Computer Desk

A sober and completely traditional look is definitely not a bad thing at all as long as you are able to achieve optimal results from this layout. This is the reason why this particular desk can be such an amazing purchase that is going to allow you to get your gaming gear together in a very reliable and solid desk that can last you a lifetime.

This is an all-purpose desk for both office work and for gaming needs. This might not be the best desk if you want to have too much equipment on your desk, but it’s perfect if you are set with the basic gaming rig. This means your PC monitor, your keyboard and your mouse.

You might be thinking that this is not going to be enough for all of your equipment, but you would be surprised to see how much room it offers in terms of space and comfort.

Eureka Ergonomic Gaming Sit-Stand desk

We believe that gaming desks come in all shapes and sizes, but there are some desks that stand out due to their modern, slick and durable build. The Eureka gaming desk goes all out in terms of space and customization. This is a true gaming station computer desk and it will allow you to have the most comfortable and engaging gaming experience.

This can be ideal for those who want to have a dual monitor setup with plenty of room for their keyboard and mouse. The blue LED lights really make the desk stand out and it looks phenomenal. This is yet another option that is truly worth the investment when you consider both the quality and the durability of the purchase.

When it comes to modern looks and comfortable ergonomic designs, the Eureka is not going to disappoint you at all.

Bush Furniture Cabot L Shaped Computer Desk

This one seems to be a perfect blend of serious and elegant with stylish and convenient. There is plenty of room for you to put all of your gaming equipment on top of the desk and there are also drawers to store anything that you might need for later use. This makes the desk perfect for both gaming and office work. One of those rare cases when a desk is able to meet the needs of all demographics.

This is a mid-priced desk that is going to meet all expectations in terms of comfort and durability, so you can be sure that it will be a great purchase for you to make.

This is a great shape for a desk and the materials are of top quality, so you can expect this to be a very reliable choice for your needs.

Z-Line Designs Feliz Glass L Desk

The L desk has become a favorite for gamers all over the world due to how convenient that layout is for those who want to get optimal results. The black glossy look is one that most gamers love for their desks. There is the standard pull out keyboard tray that has become very popular in gaming desks and it will last for a lifetime.

If you want a desk that looks great, feels great and offers a truly unique experience, you are never going to go wrong with this particular choice.

If you are looking to purchase a desk that is truly going to be ideal for any kind of gaming, you are going to love the Z-line. The only setback is that assembly is required and it can be quite tricky to setup some of those parts.

Standing Desk Converter - 37" Wide Stand Up Desk Riser - Tabletop Sit Stand Desk Fits Dual Monitors 

When you talk about desks, you never expect to have a high level of customization, but this convertible desk is a truly reliable and one of a kind purchase that is truly going to allow you to take things to a whole new level when it comes to creating the perfect adjustable height and tilt for your gaming needs.

You can raise the platform and get the monitors to the exact height you want for your gaming experience. If gaming desks were like sports cars, this would be one of the fastest and most appealing models you would ever find.

This is the level of customization that is often going to make a world of a difference to people. The gaming world continues to evolve and so do the desks that are used by people in this industry.

Important Note:

Don’t forget that these are just a few of the many options that you could find if you wanted to purchase a new gaming desk. There are plenty of other options such as the dxracer gaming desk and many other brands that have created excellent choices for your gaming needs. The best thing to do is to go out here and to ask to see as many desk as you can and test their features out to make an informed decision, but the desks we recommended are definitely high quality and worth considering.


Great ways to organize your gaming desk

There are some people who feel that their gaming desk should have nothing but the monitor, the keyboard and the mouse pad on it, but this is a very limited style for gaming. Most gamers are also going to want to have a good quality microphone and a webcam because these are both very useful items to have in order to get optimal results from any gaming broadcasting session.

The way that each gamer will set their own gaming desk accessories is completely different but the color, the shape, the style and the budget are all irrelevant if the chosen desk is not comfortable for long sessions of gaming. You could choose to have a corner gaming desk, or a small gaming desk, or perhaps any desk will do as long as it is a white gaming desk or a black gaming desk.

The gaming desk chairs are also a very important part of the gaming rig for anyone who is interested in taking this seriously. The glass gaming desk is probably one of the most stylish looks and it can be arranged in a way that is ideal for a corner gaming computer desk setting.

The gaming industry is expanding

One thing is for an industry to grow, which is what happened to the gaming industry between the 1980 and 2010, but then we started to see the expansion of the industry when it wasn’t just about the programmers and the developers, but also about the gamers themselves. The people playing the games are now taking center stage and becoming popular influencers and also an important part of the industry. Adding to this is the fact that E-sports have become a real way for people to earn a living as professional gamers. This is without a doubt an exciting time to be a gamer and being comfortable when playing video games is more important than it has ever been before.


A gaming desk is a very important part of a gamer’s equipment. This is going to be the place that you spend most of your time at. You could easily see this as the one place where all of the gaming magic takes place and this makes it a very important location. This is why you need to make sure that you take your time with this and you don’t just rush to purchase any desk. It’s good to look at the options you have within your budget.

If you find a cheap gaming desk you are going to be happy worth the results you get as long as you choose wisely. This is not that easy to achieve because the best large gaming desk and gaming desk chair are not going to be a cheap one, but you can definitely find great options at very affordable costs and that is going to be perfect for your budget needs.

The world of gaming continues to evolve and all of the gamers that are involved in it need to be evolving along with their industry. It has become a very competitive market niche and the appeal that people get from the idea of being able to make a living out of playing video games is incredible.  

That perfect gaming desk that you are going to get is going to be so important to your daily activities that you will probably regret your purchase if you don’t make sure that comfort is the very first thing you check on your list of features for the desk.


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