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Best Mouse Pads For CS:GO In 2021

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Over the years, the popularity of gaming as a hobby has grown by leaps and bounds. What used to be a niche market is now a mainstream medium with thousands of players, all over the world, logging several hours into their favorite games on a daily basis. While consoles still reign in popularity, the community of PC gamers has expanded as well. One of the most appealing aspects of PC gaming is that you get complete control over your hardware. You have a wide range of choice in everything from the peripherals to the actual components that make up the computer.

That being said, most people are hung up over the keyboards, mice, and headsets, when it comes to peripherals. Few give the mouse pad any thought. As a result, it's one of the most neglected accessories when it comes to gaming which is a real shame because a good mouse pad could make or break the gaming experience.

Why Should You Use A Mouse Pad?

The true quality and precision of a gaming mouse are only revealed when it is paired with a high-quality mouse pad. Not only does it make moving the mouse around smoother, but it also improves its accuracy. In first-person shooter games such as Counter Strike Gllobal Offensive, aiming, which is done mainly through the mouse, plays a huge role. Hence, a good mouse pad is capable of improving a person's aim, in addition to making their gaming experience more pleasurable as a whole.

What's The Best Gaming Mouse Pad For CS:GO?

There are basically two types of mouse pads. Those made from cloth and are soft, and those that are hard surface pads. Generally speaking, both can be equally good. Which you should go for depends on your individual taste and preference.

  • Cloth game pad: Perhaps the most common type of mouse pads, these are usually made from synthetic fabrics and feature a woven top. Synthetics tend to be a lot smoother than natural fabrics and are easier to maintain since they're more hydrophobic and don't get dirty as easily. Gaming varieties of pads differ from standard pads in that they are much larger and a whole lot smoother. Perhaps the best feature of cloth pads is that they're more portable and easier to store than hard pads since they can be rolled up.
  • Hard pads: Unlike soft pads, hard mouse pads tend to vary a lot in the type of materials they use. Most are made of some type of plastic. The advantage of these types of mouse pads is that they can be much smoother than cloth mousepads.
Photo Mouse name Material Sizes LED  
Steelseries Gaming Mouse pad SteelSeries QcKEditors choice Cloth/Hard

17.7 x 15.7 x .2 inches

12.6 x 10.63 x .12 inches

9.84 x 8.27 x .08 inches

35.43 x 15.75 x .16 inches

 11.2 x 12.6 x .2 inches

17.72 x 15.75 x .08 inches

12 in Prism version Check Price
HyperX FURY Pro pad HyperX FURY S Hard Small/Medium/Large/X-large No Check Price
Logitech G440 Logitech G440 Hard 13.39 x 0.12 x 11.02 inches No Check Price
CS:GO mouse pad Roccat Taito Cloth   400 x 320 x 3,5 mm  No Check Price
Corsair MM800 RGB Polaris pad

Corsair MM800 RGB Polaris

Cloth/Hard  350 x 260 x 5mm 15 LED Check Price


Which Is The Best Cloth Mouse Pad?

When it comes to choosing the best mouse pad for gaming made of cloth, a few factors must always be kept in mind while comparing models. First and foremost, is the smoothness of the mouse pad. Pro players setups' statistic shows that in general players prefer mouse pads that are as smooth as possible because they play with low sensitivity and need to move their mouse around a lot, especially when pulling off maneuvers such as trick shots or surfing in CS:GO. At the same time, it shouldn't be so slippery that it becomes impossible to keep the mouse still or make minute movements.

Roccat Taito

Keeping the above criteria in mind, the Roccat Taito cloth mouse pad stands out as one of the best. It provides the perfect balance of speed and control. This makes mouse movements, both large and small, a breeze. Besides its smoothness, it also has a lot of other things going for it.

Let's talk about the issue of styling. It's fairly typical of companies to plaster their gaming mouse pads with logos and blatant graphics. While some players may prefer this type of aesthetic, most like a cleaner, less conspicuous look. Thankfully, the Roccat Taito doesn't follow this annoying trend. The surface of the pad is bare and black for the most part, with minimal branding featured in the corner.

One of the best things about this particular mouse pad is its durability. It's construction and design are much better than that of competing pads. Roccat's premier CS:GO mouse pad is thicker and sturdier. It'll last you a long time without worry. It's thickness also makes it more comfortable to use. The added weight, along with the grippy non-slip rubber surface on the bottom ensures that the mouse pad remains firmly in place, regardless of how vigorously you use it, thus, allowing you to focus on playing your game without concern about whether your mouse pad will skid around.


Perhaps the best premium aspect of the mouse pad is the blue stitching that borders it. This trim feature ensures that the pad doesn't start fraying from the sides. It's almost weird that many other cloth mouse pads don't have this feature, considering how much it adds to durability. It also serves as a cool-looking accent and adds to the visual appeal of the product.

Pros Cons
Looks great Available in only a single size
Durable and well-built You can hear your mouse sliding on its surface during intense movements
Accented stitching at the border


Here's the bottom line:

The Roccat Taito is one of the best cloth mouse pads you can get for your gaming set up. It's functional, durable and stylish. In fact, it goes along well with even the best gaming mouses for CS:GO. Don't just take my word for it, professional players like GruBy rely on its prowess in professional gaming tournaments all the time.

What About Hard Mouse Pads?

The appeal of hard gaming mouse pads is hard to deny. While cloth mouse pads can be pretty smooth, the best hard CS:GO mouse pads will always be slicker. Some players may find the slickness a bit much but others will find that it helps them to aim faster. When it comes to maintenance, hard pads are also easier to deal with. Since they're a single monolithic piece, water can't enter them. This is in contrast to cloth pads, which can get pretty wet if you spill something on them accidentally. Cloth pads can take quite a while to dry off, where as hard pads can simply be wiped clean.

Logitech G440

With all the songs sung about hard mouse pads, let's get down to actually talking about the best in this category. With all the options and brands available, it's surprising how Logitech still manages to put out the best product. Anyone who's ever gone shopping for PC peripherals knows of Logitech's prowess in the realm. They make all sorts of computer peripherals, from mice and keyboards to headsets and controllers for office applications as well as gaming use. They also make some of the best gaming keyboards for CS:GO. Given their expertise, it's no surprise that the Logitech G440 is currently reigning as the best in its segment.



The Logitech G440 has a lot going for it.

Let's start with the design. As usual, Logitech has chosen to go for a minimalistic design with the G440 as well. While some may find its black top with only a small logo in the bottom corner a bit too nondescript, many mature players find this aesthetic pleasing. It's certainly better than those gaming mouse pads which feature tasteless, gaudy graphics printed on them.

Here's the deal: The Logitech G440 is an excellent mouse pad period. Despite being very slick and easy to move your mouse around on, it also features micro texturing that helps give a player more control. This results in a perfect balance that maximizes player potential.

It gets better: This mouse pad is also pretty large in size. This means you won't be wishing for any extra mouse pad estate while you play your favorite games. However, it also isn't so large that it becomes cumbersome to have on your desk. The medium size of the unit is ideal for the most desk set-ups and players.


The professionals: Given Logitech's influence and standing as a brand, it's not surprising to see many professional players adopt Logitech products for their career. This particular mouse pad is known to be used by Cloud9 team member, n0thing, who's paired it up with a Logitech G100s mouse. He's not the only pro, as Slemmy uses it too with his Logitech G303 mouse.

Pros Cons
Perfect size A tad pricier than other mouse pads of its type
Easy to clean
Rubber base sticks to desk surface well, not allowing the unit to slide around when in use


In conclusion:

Players who prefer to have the utmost speed of mouse movement, while still retaining a great degree of control, should look no further than the G440.

SteelSeries QcK

One of the most popular mouse pads for CS:GO pros. This mouse pad is composed of high quality cloth and a rubber base. The QcK is the ideal mouse pad for every gamer preferring cloth surfaces. Having been released in November 2004 this mouse pad went through extensive testing by gaming professionals before its release and with their feedback the QcK was further developed. You can find the best for you mouse pad in full collection of SteelSeries QcK. Because the SteelSeries has a mini and a super sized mouse pad, it's perfect for people using low sensitivity, high resolutions or designers using two or more monitors. The SteelSeries QcK is compatible with all types of mice and is ideal for starters because of its great value.


The oldest and the most popular mouse pad for gamers still one of the best. Just look on this new SteelSeries Qck Prism - seamlessly illuminate your surface with full range RGB illumination across 12 independent zones, dual-surface textured mouse pad (Hard polymer surface or a micro-textured cloth surface), Game Sense Reactive illumination responds to in-game events like Low ammo, health, kills, money, and cooldown timers, the cable is positioned out of the way on the left side of the mouse pad because aesthetics should never interfere with gameplay. 


The CS:GO professionals: The SteelSeries QcK is a dream of a mouse pad for every CS:GO gamer. Only the list of Pros who use this it is longer than this mouse pad: ScreaM, olofmeister, HObbit, Edward, karrigan, XANTARES, pashaBiceps.

Pros Cons
Use of high quality cloth material Price matches the quality
Texture which guarantees both smoothness and glide
Non-slippery rubber base


In conclusion:

You can find this mouse pad on any big LAN tournament, used by top CS:GO professionals

Oversized Mouse Pads

With the main categories out of the way, we can focus on the more niche products in the realm of mouse pads. It's time to mention one sub-type of cloth mouse pads known as oversized mouse pads. These mouse pads are designed to provide a surface for not only the mouse to rest on, but the keyboard as well. A keyboard is obviously much larger than a mouse. This means a pad, which can house both, will be much larger by definition.

Why would I want that?

A knee-jerk reaction would be to think, “Why would anyone want to spend extra money on buying such a large mouse pad when most of the surface would go unused?” The reason for their existence has almost nothing to do with functionality and everything to do with aesthetics. Put simply, many players find the presence of a large pad on their desk visually unpleasing and conflicting with the whole look and sleekness of their set up. In such a case, an oversized mouse pad is a perfect alternative. It looks much less jarring on a desk since it appears to be a mat for both the keyboard and mouse to share. In other words, it looks much more stylish to have the keyboard and mouse share a common area.

Now that we've answered what they're for, we can start to unravel the matter of finding the best oversized mouse pad. As specified earlier, extra-large mouse pads only come in the cloth variety. This means they can be compared to each other in terms of effectiveness, just like any other cloth mouse pads. Factors that make a standard cloth mouse pad great, such as smoothness, tactile feedback, and overall sturdiness and quality are just as important here. Along with these, you'll also have to make sure that your keyboard will fit completely within the dimensions of the pad otherwise its purpose would be defeated.


Given the above discussion, the HyperX FURY S fits the bill pretty well. It's great as a cloth mouse pad and features a smooth surface that promotes excellent tracking. While oversized mouse pads aren't really popular in the professional gaming scene, this mouse pad has managed to find takers in the sphere. It's arguably one of the most popular mouse pads in the segment.


Talking about size, the HyperX FURY S is huge. It's a sprawling mouse pad, which will give you enough space to place your keyboard and mouse, and still leave you with ample space on which to move your mouse around. It looks sleek and minimalistic, being mostly black in color. It only has a small HyperX logo in the corner for branding.

The best feature for durability: Besides being well made in general, the unit also has stitching on the border, which gives it additional strength and security and ensures that it won't ever get damaged from the sides.


Who are the users: Over-sized mouse pads are usually less popular among pros, since they don't care as much about how their set-up looks, instead focusing mainly on its functionality and efficiency. In spite of that, several pro gamers of CS:GO, such as felps from SK, use oversized mouse pads. Even hen1 ,  DaZeD and   ropz from  mousesports team use one.

Pros Cons
Large surface area Can be cumbersome to carry around
Minimalistic design that looks good Not the smoothest mouse pad available
Stitched sides for added durability


At the end of the day:

Its adoption by several pro players is clearly indicative of the fact that it's a good mouse pad, which serves their purpose perfectly. There's no way you can go wrong with a model that has such appeal in pro gaming circles.

RGB Mouse Pad

Mouse pads, for the most part, have been immune from the recent trend in gaming to fit every peripheral with LED lights that can light up with any color. RGB lighting is more common on devices like mice or keyboards, since they're connected to the computer anyway and can use extra power to fuel their lights. However, mouse pads don't usually need to be connected with anything. This means that RGB mouse pads have the added hassle, over standard varieties because they need to be hooked up to a power source to keep the light show going. Some players may find having another wire on their desk to be meddlesome, while others won't really even notice its presence once it's connected.

RGB mouse pads are still pretty rare, since most people don't care about their mouse pads enough to spend any extra money on an RGB upgrade. This means your options will be rather limited in this category. However, almost every major manufacturer produces at least one RGB mouse pad model.

While RGB mouse pads are undoubtedly cooler than their unlit brethren, you'll have to deal with the caveat of always having it plugged in somewhere to keep it on. Also, these types of mouse pads are much more expensive, costing 3-4 times more than comparable models without lighting.

Corsair MM800 RGB Polaris

The lack of competition has made it easy for Corsair's MM800 mouse pad to stand out. It's got all the features, controls and niceties one could want in a mouse pad of its nature.


Let's first cover what makes it the best RGB mouse pad when it comes to the lighting up aspect. The mouse pad itself is black in color and bordered by LEDs on 3 sides: left, right and bottom. There are 15 LEDs present in the strip and they allow the mouse pad to get pretty bright.

This is awesome: Thanks to the bright lighting, the illumination is visible in even strong daylight.

The lights are powered by connecting the unit to a power source, such as your computer through USB. The USB interface is convenient, since you can plug the pad into your computer to power it up, like any other peripheral.

Now, here’s the part which makes this mouse pad stand out and it makes its RGB lighting more practical: the custom software. This application developed by Corsair ships with the pad and allows you to take complete control over how and when your mouse pad lights up. It'll allow you to control virtually aspect of the RGB lighting. You can set how bright you want the lights to be, what kind of effect to follow, and even set it to cycle between colors or remain fixed on a particular one

Even crazier: The software is capable of synchronizing the lighting effects with your mouse and keyboard, provided they're also made by Corsair. This gives you access to complex lighting effects, which involve all your devices. You could also set it to keep the colors and effects displayed across the units in sync.


In terms of how the MM800 is an actual mouse pad, the story's pretty positive here as well. Fundamentally, it's a hard surface type of mouse pad. This makes sense, since the unit can't be folded or rolled up, due to the LED lights. As for the actual surface, it's pretty good. Corsair has managed to nail the proper balance between speed and control. Being a hard type of mouse pad, it's pretty slick. At the same time though, the micro texturing means it's pretty easy to stop a fast mouse movement on it as well In fact, the quality of the surface rivals that of the Logitech G440.

Pros Cons
Provided software is robust and easy to use Always needs to be connected to light up
Great surface Very expensive in comparison with to the hard top mouse pads from Corsair without RGB lighting.
Derives power through USB


The final verdict:

The Corsair MM800 RGB Polaris is a fantastic mouse pad that won't disappoint anyone based on its performance and cool lighting features. It's one of the best gaming mouse pads to go for, if you want something that's fancy yet functional. However, due to the frivolous nature and appeal of these pads, you won't find too many, if any, pro players using them. This doesn't mean that they're bad for pro gaming. It just indicates that pros are more focused on the game, rather than jazzy accessories.



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5. Logitech Official site Mousepads Gaming Mousepads



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