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Cheats for СS:GO - How Cheats Work in СSGO

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Note: this article is by no means a promotion of cheats and their use, and is an introductory!

What are cheats in CS:GO and what can they do?

Cheats - third-party programs (there is also a hack of any built-in functions in the game) to gain an advantage in the game.

At the moment, almost all cheats are not individual cheats, but comprehensive, ie all the "cheat" functions will be included in this one cheat and you can use any function of the cheat at the touch of a button.


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Let us tell you about a few varieties of cheats functions, for example:

  • aimbot - a function where all your shots go straight to your enemy's head. (there are different kinds of this function - from simple "swivel", where each of your shots goes to the enemy's head, to "silentaim", where the function of the reader carefully conceals that you are playing unfairly, but still you have a huge advantage over honest players)
  • wallhack - a feature where all players can be seen through walls.
  • auto bunnyhop - function which automatically uses jumping in the game.
  • autoaccept - function, which automatically accepts found "rolling".
  • Rank revealer - a function which allows to see ranks of all players on the server.
  • unblock inventory access - function allowing you to change the chosen weapon in inventory directly in the game (for example: you have m4a4 and you are bored with it - without leaving the match you can change it for m4a1-s)
  • strafe assistance - function that allows you to strafe like a pro player
  • clan tag is a function allowing you to set any clan tag and add animation to it
  • spectator list - a feature where you can see all the players on the server who are watching you at the moment.
  • skin changer - a function where you can change the skins of weapons and characters (for example, you can put a AWP: DragonLore or some beautiful knife)
  • fake lag - fake lag is a feature that makes all the players on the server as if you are lagging, but in fact you have everything running smoothly (laggy players are harder to hit)
  • third person - function that makes the game in 3rd person (like in GTA)

There are many different functions, so the list is very long, above are only the main ones, users are interested.

In the picture below you can see what the cheater screen looks like:

aimbot csgo

And also an example of a control panel of one of the paid cheats:

Types of Cheats

Free or public cheats

What is it: this type of cheats provides different functions, but almost all of them work much worse compared to the paid cheats and are very quickly detected by anti-cheats and immediately banned. This cheat can be downloaded by anyone by going to the cheat forum.

Paid private cheats on a subscription (divided into cheats with a limited number of users and unlimited)

What is it: these cheats are distributed by subscription, paying for which you get a multi-function cheat with a system of protection against detection (such cheats are much harder to detect anti-cheats, but 100% guarantee that the VAC will not find the cheat - NO). Prices for such cheats are very diverse and functionality of the cheat directly depends on the price. (The smaller the number of users of the cheat, the harder it is to find)

Self-written cheats - so called custom cheats

What is it: wealthy players can afford to hire a programmer who will write cheats personally for them, as the prevalence of such cheats is minimal (usually 1-2 people), then find it almost impossible. The functionality as well as the price of this type of cheats depends on the programmer. This kind of cheats are very rare.

Will you be banned for cheating?

Absolutely all players get banned for cheats - for free ones almost immediately. For paid cheats will be banned if they are massive - if a lot of people buy the same cheat and VAC finds a function/algorithm of use or something similar, then all owners of that cheat will be banned.

Self-written cheats are harder to detect, but you need to be a programmer to create them and it is quite difficult to maintain it (update and improve detection protection), but there is still a chance to be banned.

Usually bans occur in waves, single bans are quite rare - first recruited a large base of players with a particular cheat, and then banned all users of the cheat.

Even the creators of cheats themselves say that sooner or later will ban any user cheats, there is no cheat that can not be detected. 

Why people use cheats

There are several categories of cheaters:

  1. They use cheats "for fun" - so to speak just to run around and shoot everything that moves for fun
  2. They use cheats for "legitimate" reasons - they try to use a minimal advantage by pretending to be strong players
  3. Use cheats for the exploratory purposes - want to see what any cheat can do (according to the creators, the most popular subscription is a one-day subscription)

How to play against cheaters

  1. Use grenades more often - shooting accurately in smoke or when blinded will immediately show a cheater on the demo
  2. Always try to approach the cheater from different angles with your teammate - the demo will also show the cheater's "super-fast reaction", where he kills you in different parts of the screen almost instantly
  3. Standing near the edge of the texture begin to move, as if you want to go out of hiding, but do not go out, if the cheater plays with BX, it is likely to give in your direction a turn prefire

After the match be sure to download the demo and watch all the moments on behalf of a potential cheater (even with a little experience will be able to determine the "dishonest player"), if you notice that he really plays with cheats - report it.


Professional players

It's no secret that some professional players also used cheats, even in major tournaments. But they all ruined their careers as cyber athletes by doing so.

Here are some examples of the most famous "pro-cheaters" in the CS:GO community:


  1. A French-Armenian professional eSports player who plays for Team Titan Esports got a VAC ban right before the big tournament - DreamHack Winter

  2. Sf

    Another French professional player, who played for Epsilon, received a VAC ban, and just like KQLY before DreamHack Winter 2014

  3. emilio

    Шведский профессиональный игрок команды Property, который получил VAC-бан прямо во время турнира Fragbite Masters.

  4. forsaken

    Indian professional player OpTic India, who was "spotted" with cheats during the tournament eXTREMESLAND 2018 Finals - there is even a video, where you can see that the tournament administrator began to check the computer forsaken, and he, in turn, tried to quickly delete the cheat

  • Jamppi

jamppi cheater


A very talented Finnish player who used to play for ENCE Esports who got his VAC ban on his old account he played on when he was 14 but it didn't help his career - Valve banned him from all official tournaments.

Also there are a huge number of cheaters banned for various tournament qualifications, but they were more like semi-professionals rather than fully fledged eSports players.


Every game has cheats, and unfortunately there's no getting away from it in CS:GO.

In this article I hope I was able to shed some light on these "rogue programs" and if you suddenly suspect someone of cheating you'll be able to determine whether he is a cheater or not.

Dear users of our site, please do not use cheats! Let's make our community a little better!

Below are a few video-interviews with cheaters from major channels.


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