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Compare Corsair K70 Rapidfire vs Corsair K65 LUX 2021

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Most the people seek styling and designing more than performance. They are ready to forgo the high-quality output, but the gadget should look like something never seen before. Only some of us go to the product’s actual performance. You should be stress-free while making your mind for Corsair K70 Rapidfire vs Corsair K65 LUX.

Keyboards are one of the most basic and essential components of computers. Keyboards and mouse/ trackpads are the only sources of navigating around your system. Getting a keyboard of high quality will save you from a lot of trouble and fatigue. A keyboard with good features will make you able to work at a faster rate. Those who sit in front of screens and codes all day require a keyboard that supports them in ease of their work.

There are many gaming keyboards available in the market, and these two Corsair K70 Rapidfire vs Corsair K65 LUX. For gaming, you might need some extra attention in buying your right one. RGB lighting gives you a wholesome vibe when you play games in a dark room with glowing keys and a mouse. Having a dark room will make you concentrate more on your gameplay and controls without any kind of distraction.

About the product

Corsair K70 Rapidfire:

You will find here the best and most recent update from the Corsair company. This latest keyboard has equipped all the up-to-date functions and features which users demand. Using for office work, a numeric keypad at the right side is the foremost demand from the buyers. They have fixed this problem of yours. It has the exact compact and accurate size and weight, including all the 104 keys of a regular keyboard.

Fortunately, it is not made up of plastic. All thanks to the manufacturers for providing the premium quality feels because of the use of Aluminum in its body construction. You will not have to worry about the slipping of your keyboard while using it for longer use or rapid and faster typing. The appropriate weight keeps it still at the spot. It will not disappoint you by taking the tag of the flimsy keyboard. It will not start sliding here or there on your workstation that you start thinking and regretting about a cheap purchase.

To get the best of what is available in the market, you must have a keyboard that has the audacity to fulfill your needs efficiently. In order to get the fastest mechanical keyboard to match with your system, you should consider this item by Corsair. It is quick to respond to you whenever you approach it. They are selling accuracy and precision in the name of performance. They have moved a big amount of load from their shoulders by inserting the anti-ghost technology in their keyboards.

Corsair K65 LUX:

Corsair is a brand representing the design and manufacturing quality of China. This brand focuses more on the better and enhanced customization of their keyboards. They are performing well in this so that the customers find them fancier and fancier and eye-catchy and comfortable. In these fancy-looking and better-performing keyboards, Corsair has put forward another of its brand with the name of K65 LUX. It is giving great performance and a tough time to its competing keyboards.

It is capable of providing you not one or two but three different playstyles with Cherry MX switching. One of the key factors of top selling of this keyboard is its extra comfort granting to the users. It comes with an optional hand rest. All of this, along with every possible key for your use and yet having a compact and elegant designing your item. It is an update on the previous design of your K70 model. They have updated their lighting feature and are coming again with bigger and more clear fonts of the keys.

It has the metallic construction of the body along with the heaviness. It has appropriate weight and makes it feel like a great, durable, and classy gadget depicting an expensive keyboard. It also has better-quality cables and a USB port so that you can connect your joysticks for dual gaming. The multimedia feature is something you cannot find it easily in the market.    

Key specifications:

Most buyers want a compact information from where they can see all the specs of the device without having the hassle of browsing about it individually. To make it comfortable for you, we have compiled a list of all possible specifications you might need to know about this keyboard. Make sure to read all of these specifications and explore them before making your right choice.

Corsair K70 Rapidfire:

Type of keys: You can have the ease of functionality through the mechanical keys for faster operating.

  • Gaming keyboard:

This is what you have been looking for to have the best sensation of gaming.

  • Backlighting:

There are three different colors that you switch on your keyboard as per your choice.

  • Rollover:

This device provides you a rollover of around 105 so that you make sure your anti-ghost technology is working fine.

  • Multimedia keys:

It will also not leave you without the technology of multimedia keys.

  • Numeric keypad:

A numeric keypad is also available for you so that you can do the gaming in your preferred gameplay.


Corsair K65 LUX:

  • Type of keys:

This mechanical keyboard will give you access to the high-end use of the mechanical keyboard.

  • Gaming Keyboard:

They promise to give you the want you require for the matching for premium gaming in your system.  

  • Backlighting:

It equips the backlighting feature, and it contains the sensational red backlit color.

  • Rollover:

In order to type with higher accuracy, they provide you a rollover of 104.

  • Multimedia keys:

They are responsible for making you like it with the granting of multimedia keys. 

  • Numeric keypad:

A numeric keypad will make you able to do your math-related tasks on your gaming keyboard.





Corsair K70 Rapidfire:


Mechanical actuation and key switching are the most important factors that come forward when you talk about the speed of your gaming keyboard. They have designed this keyboard in a way that it can provide you 1.2 millimeters of extra fast mechanical actuation. It is able to give you 40% more efficiency when it comes to speed. The key switching gives you an edge over your opponents in the game with 45g light operating.   


Durability is the topmost requirement of gamers because no one would want to buy keyboards now and then. You should consider this in terms of durability as it is using the Aluminum structured frame. They promise to give you the avoidance from the jamming of keystrokes over your whole life.  

Anti-Ghosting Technology:

As the name suggests, there is this big reason for calling it the Corsair K70 Rapidfire keyboard. It has introduced the anti-ghosting facility. It means that no matter how fast you use your keyboard and press different keys simultaneously, it will address them accurately. It will counter with this task and register all your key pressing without any doubt of mistake. The rollover comes into action when you are selecting the keyboard for gaming purposes.

RGB LED Back Lighting:

Backlighting is becoming common as the day passes. Every gamer wishes to have that keyboard that is able to give you the supreme sensation of gaming. It provides three variations of backlit colors that are enough to make your mood good and your gaming relaxing. They are also featuring bigger and more clear fonts so that you can easily type your documents with them.


The spill-resisting quality of the keyboards is important in a way that it grants the users enough time so that they can save their current data or game progress. After doing all that, you can shut it down without any panic in case of any water or other beverage spillage. They have created a thick and effective layer under the holder of keys so that the water does not penetrate beyond it. Otherwise, water is not a very good companion of electronic devices.

Palm Rest:

They also think of the customer’s resting time and the importance of it. When the manufacturers give the facility for the comfort of use, it gets attention in a better way. They are providing the palm rest to the users so that you do not get strain on your hands or wrists during the long use of your mechanical keyboard.


Corsair K65 LUX:


It also equips an Aluminum body frame which has the effect of durability. It gives the supreme look of sturdiness and a tough one to support your gaming over your lifetime. By its design and weight, its handsomeness cannot be neglected.


Like the other product, it also has the feature of backlighting. However, it is not giving three different variations but the decent and sober red color to suit your style. It has a vibrant color effect to take you on another level while enjoying your gaming in a dark room.

Layout and Multimedia Keys:

It has a beautiful and attractive layout of the keys. It has all the 104 keys along with the numeric keypad at the right to give you full access to the keyboard’s functionality. It has a compact layout and an appropriate size with weight. Multimedia keys make the use quite easier and effective.

Look and Connectivity:

It has a decent look and versatile in use. Mostly, gaming keyboards describe themselves as best suited for gaming loud and clear. This keyboard has such a look without any aggression in the look with logos or funky colors. You can use it for your regular use too. It does not require connecting with your LCD too. It is specially designed as the plug and play device without any hassle of connectivity issues.   



They both are a great option for getting a handsome keyboard with amazing features to support your gaming passion. Both have those features and top-notch quality performance that will leave you stunned. However, there is a difference in the pricing when it comes to pricing. No doubt, features are better and offering more than other keyboards available in the market, but there is a difference in features as well. K65 LUX is an upgrade of the previous model of K70, but K70 Rapidfire is the latest one of the Corsair.

If you buy K65 LUX from their website, it will be 119.99 dollars.

Buying the K70 Rapidfire will cost you a handsome amount of around 170 dollars.  



Here comes the good news. We all seek some cooperation from the company that they care about us, not just making money. Whenever we hear about the sale or warranty, we take it seriously that we can use the product free from any stress that if it fails to perform the duty, we can go and replace them with a fresh one, or it will be fixed without any hefty cost. Both of these products are available with a warranty of two years if you are purchasing them from their official website. They are leaving no chance of leaving you unamazed.  


Which one is better?

It can become a tricky question to answer sometimes. It totally depends on the user’s taste and preferences. Some people are brand specifics and do not want to ditch their first choice or regular use. It gets harder to convince them to have something else.

If you are finding a good keyboard with considerable durability, both of them are able to satisfy you at all levels. However, as the price depicts, there are some extra features and performance differences between the Corsair K70 Rapidfire vs Corsair K65 LUX. If you want the best of what is available, get your hands on K70 Rapidfire before anyone else. Otherwise, be wise about your use requirement and save yourself by getting the K65 LUX.

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