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CS:GOPedia/Blog/Guides/CS:GO Guides - SV_Cheats Console Commands Tutorial

CS:GO Guides - SV_Cheats Console Commands Tutorial

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In the gaming world, cheat codes have been around for just about as long as video games themselves. There are many different kinds of video game cheat codes, from the wacky to the helpful to the just plain fun. Some of the greatest and most memorable cheat codes have been included secretly over the years in one PC-centric genre: multiplayer first-person shooters.

In this article, we’ll be focusing on CS:GO SV_Cheats. This is a built-in cheat console that comes included with Counter Strike: Global Offensive, so using it is not considered cheating or illegal by the game’s rules and regulations. However, restrictions do certainly exist.

sv_cheats 1 activation

SV_Cheats can only be used on servers that have them enabled. To enable, you must be an administrator on the server in question. If you are indeed an administrator, open command console and type: sv_cheats 1

sv_cheats for CS:GO

Enter a 0 in place of the 1 to disable cheats in turn.

With cheats enabled, you have seemingly limitless options for customizing your games. Here, you can learn about some of the most important CS:GO SV Cheats and how you might use them to become a better player.

Infinite ammo

sv_infinite_ammo console command

Use the commands sv_infinite_ammo 1 and sv_infinite_ammo 2 in order to enable this cheat. The 1 option actually disables reloading while never letting you run out of bullets. However, it may be useful to keep the 2 option, as it keeps reloading active and could give you a better idea or where and how a gun will actually fire when using it in competitive play.

No clipping

noclip console command sv_cheats

The command “noclip” simply lets you clip through walls, and it also makes you invincible. You can, therefore, reach other areas of a given map while also being impervious to other players.

All grenades

ammo_grenade_limit_total 5

Learning the grenade physics of CS:GO is one of the many keys to becoming good in competitive play. This command gives you every grenade type to try out. Use ammo_grenade_limit_total 5 to activate this cheat.

Grenade trajectory


In keeping with grenade physics, use sv_grenade_trajectory 1 and sv_grenade_trajectory_time 10 to see the trajectory of your grenades (i.e. where they fly and how they bounce), a featured cheat that can prove very, very useful when you’re learning to work with the grenade options in CS:GO. The second command here keeps these trajectories on-screen for a longer period of time.

Show impacts


Use sv_showimpacts 1 and sv_showimpacts_time 10 to visualize bullet impacts and to see these impacts for a longer period of time.

Getting weapons

give weapon console command

Typing give weapon followed by an underscore and the weapon you want to practice with will do just that. For example, typing give weapon_ak47 will, of course, give you an AK-47. Type any weapon name after this command and you’ll be holding it in your in-game hands.

God Mode

Simply type god to access God Mode, a staple of many first-person shooters like CS:GO.

god mode in CS:GO

Now, it’s important to note a few items here:

Firstly, this list is far from exhaustive. These are simply cheats that may help you become a better CS:GO player by removing your virtual shackles in a controlled practice server. Or maybe you’re nostalgic for the old days of cheat codes. Who knows? Either way, the cheats listed here only scratch the surface of the many ways you can customize your CS:GO gaming experience within these CS:GO SV_Cheat servers.

Secondly, as I mentioned before, these cheats are put into the game by Valve, meaning they are legal and can not get you banned. Even using this CS:GO SV_Cheats list in a regular game without cheats enabled won't get you banned, as they simply will not work on a server that does not have them enabled.

However, just because these cheats come as a default option in CS:GO does not mean that hacks can be used to allow them during regular play on servers that do not allow CS:GO SV_Cheats. These hacks will get you banned from playing CS:GO, meaning it's best to restrict the use of SV_Cheats in CS:GO to dedicated cheat servers.

Thirdly, consider using these cheats for reasons other than practice. There are some zany options out there for built-in CS:GO cheats. Experiment with them and consider playing competitively on a server that welcomes such play. It might make CS:GO even more fun for you and your opponents and/or teammates.

Finally, it's important to not become accustomed to using cheats. This can happen surprisingly easy. For example, let's say you really enjoy using a certain weapon or accessing a certain place somewhere within a certain map. Cheat codes make it ridiculously easy to access anything you want. It is important to remember that there's no legal cheating in the world of CS:GO, and the professional gaming circuit is extra-stringent on these rules. Just make sure you don't get used to the ease of play provided by CS:GO SV_Cheats.

If you use CS:GO SV_Cheat 1 commands and other SV_Cheats as part of your CS:GO practice routine in order to streamline your process, you just might notice results. Try these cheats out, and consider looking online for more that might lend you some pure dumb fun or solid practice in the process. Practice makes perfect, and practicing without other players constantly killing you or existing as common threats can be appealing to up-and-coming professional and amateur gamers who simply want to get better at the game they love, such as CS:GO. Valve’s preinstalled console cheats make this a reality.

Just remember to set the value back to 0 when done.

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