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CS:GOPedia/Blog/Guides/CS:GO Weapon Tutorial - Deagle guide

CS:GO Weapon Tutorial - Deagle guide

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Deagle and AWP –  the top choice

Historically, the Deagle (Desert Eagle), alone with maybe the AWP, may be called the most suitable weapons for gaining highlights. The epicness of these weapons almost always depends on the difficulty of execution. These weapons aren’t exactly easy to use or master. What you can do, however,  is mark some key moments, along with understanding and following which ones will help you with using the Deagle.

Aim reduction

If you read our Blog before, then you may have read an article called "the most accurate weapon" in which we found out that the Deagle is the most accurate of all CS:GO weapons not equipped with an optical sight. The means it is more accurate than the AK-47, M16, and all guns and SMGs (Sub-Machine Gun).

But at the same time, the Deagle has the the lowest aim reduction after the shot.  In the standing position, it takes 2.5 seconds whereas, for example, the USP takes just 0.6 seconds.  The difference is more than 4 times against the Deagle.  Of course, in most cases, rumbles happen at shorter distances, when full aim reduction is not as vital.

Nevertheless, there is a way to reduce the aim reduction time by double.  And no, it is not by strafing. Strafing and counter-strafing have nothing to do with aim reduction. It is much easier than that. If you want to  shoot with the Deagle more accurately and more precisely, there is a simple Quick Switch for that. After the shot, you can immediately press the knife key and, right after that, the gun key again.  I prefer to use the classical combination — the 3 and 2 keys.  But you can make it all much easier with one bind, which will give you the same results using just one button instead of two.

Bind :

alias +knife slot3

alias -knife lastinv

bind q +knife

Shooting practice

Playing on arena, I often hear the opinion that practicing a shooting the Deagle does not make any sense. And, that for firing practice, you should play on pistol DM servers with some kind of gun like the USP and, in general, that this would be enough for overall skill development.  For overall development, this is true, but the Deagle  is very different from other guns.  Firstly, this is because the Deagle is a gun for Eco and Force-buy rounds but not the pistol rounds.  So, you can forego buying the Deagle in pistol  rounds only in very risky cases, such as those that require killing CTs with headshots from a long distance.

In general, I am not fond of DM severs, but if we are talking about the Deagle, the classic FFA DM against guys with the AK-47, AWP and other weapons is a perfect place to practice this weapon.

On DM servers, you can imitate something close to force rounds in a real match.  Where are  many opponents and with high-grade equipment, and you are with, at least dangerous, but sill a gun.  

An alternative practice map is the workshop map aim_reflex. The main appeal of this map is that it negates the need to run around and look for a target.  It’s just you, your opponent, and your firing skills.  The downside could be the a very predictable  behavior of bots and an almost complete absence of moving your PC’s mouse on the Y axis. That means that there is not just one simple way of practicing, and that is why I recommend you to use both. Start with Aim_reflex and finish with DM.


Besides all this, we should mention one thing. Everybody knows that the Deagle kills you with one headshot from almost any distance, which actually makes it a perfect choice for 700$ on Eco or Force-buy  rounds. But equally important is the fact that it does good body damage too.  Often, at a close distance, a clutch move would be to shoot at the body and not at the head.  Because, at a very close distance, the Deagle kills opponents with only two shots.

In conclusion, I want to say that the Deagle is clearly one of the primary weapons in CS:GO. That is why you can’t avoid the Deagle when working to improve your skills.  In fact, there are a lot of players who tried, failed, and then totally discounted the Deagle or some other weapon, limiting his or her improvement as a player. Just consider that.


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