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5 Easiest Ways to Make Money as a Streamer

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Live streaming can be a superb way to build your brand and get more people to know about it. People from all corners of the globe can tune in to your gaming live streams which can provide you with a great platform to showcase your skills and make money at the same time.

Our post takes you through the top 5 easiest ways to start making money as a streamer to help you feel more confident about putting yourself and your brand out there.

Monetizing Twitch

Monetizing Twitch is a super popular and effective way for streamers to make money. As mentioned in Madskil twitch monetization guide, using the paid subscription program is a simple way to bring in some revenue. (Read the complete streamers monetization guide here)

Counter Strike players, or people interested in playing other games online could benefit greatly from streaming their gameplay on Twitch. It’s a remarkable platform for gamers to be able to have fun competing online against each other while making money.

You can become an affiliate partner with Twitch which enables viewers to gain subscription to your live streams by using Twitch Prime or paying for the service monthly. In addition to this, you can make money from people giving donations.

You may be surprised by how much some fans are willing to send if they’re enjoying your live streams.

Affiliate Programs/Sponsorships

Affiliate programs work by allowing streamers to provide their viewers with a unique code or product link that has been supplied by a sponsor. Each time a viewer goes to the sponsor’s site and purchases something using your special code or link, you receive a percentage of that sale.

Esport streamers who have built up an organic fan base can try reaching out to gaming sponsors that offer products or services that your audience would be interested in. Live streamers who have a significant fanbase will likely be approached by several sponsorship opportunities.

Be sure to be selective with the types of products that you push by making sure that the target audience for those items/services is the same as your audience. Otherwise, you run the risk of making your viewers uninterested.

As a live streamer, you can even take this a step further by showcasing the sponsored product or service on a live stream. This gives your viewers first-hand insight into what the product is which can help with their buying decision. You can use this method to build up more trust between you, your audience, and the product/service that you’re promoting.

Fan Donations

Those of you who are still testing the waters with how far you can take your live streaming to start making more money can use fan donations as a measuring tool. During your next gaming stream, let viewers know that you’ll be accepting donations to help continue the live streams.

If you let your viewers know that you’ll be accepting tips to help continue gaming and competing online, you can sit back and see how much gets donated.

When viewers start giving you donations, it’s a clear sign that you’re heading in the right direction. Your viewers are willing to pay money to carry on watching you which means you’re providing something of value that you can continue to monetize.

The majority of platforms that are used for live streaming games such as Counter Strike allow for some form of tips or donations. For example, Bits are used on Twitch where viewers can cheer and donate. YouTube has a Super Chat system where viewers can pay to send messages that are pinned so that you notice them more easily.

Running Ads

Running ads is something that large streaming services, such as Facebook and YouTube have been using for years. So, why not get in on earning some revenue for yourself in a similar way?

However, you’ll need to pick the right streaming platforms to run ads on because some of them don’t allow advertisements. DLive and Mixer are some of the most notable streaming platforms that haven’t included advertising services on their platforms yet.

Some of the best streaming platforms to use for running ads include Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Live.

You should also be aware that advertising while live streaming has been the center of controversy for streamers. Therefore, it may be wise to use ads as one stream of revenue rather than the main one.

This will help you to keep the ads in your live streams limited to prevent viewers from becoming uninterested. In addition to this, many viewers will simply use ad-blocking software while watching live streams if you start posting too many.

Selling Merch

Selling merch can be a fruitful revenue stream for gaming streamers who have built a large audience. Creating content that attracts a loyal fanbase is crucial to successfully sell merch.

There are many different items that you could sell as merch that include T-shirts, toys, mugs, and more. The merch could include slogans or catch phrases that are unique to your gaming streams. You’re able to get pretty creative with this part!

You can approach selling merch in a few different ways. One of them involves creating an online store where you can keep track of shipping, production, and inventory.

You may also be interested in using the merch selling benefits that some streaming platforms offer. For example, YouTube’s merch shelf lets you sell merch to your viewers while giving them a cut of the profits.

Using these merch selling services on your streaming platform means you can focus on the design and the types of products that you want to sell. Making your store online means you don’t have to share the profits with a third party, but it will be a bigger time investment.

You could also outsource aspects of the design and manufacturing process if you wanted to create your own store online. There are several ways you could decide to make and sell merch which gives you plenty of creative freedom and options to pick the one that makes the most financial sense.


Gaming streams and Esports are  becoming more and more popular and it has led to a noticeable increase in overall revenue being made online. The internet provides us with so many opportunities to boost revenue and live streamers have been finding ways to make money online due to having created a substantial number of viewers who consistently watch their content.


Regardless of whether you’re a complete beginner to streaming or have been doing it for some time, you can use the details found throughout our post to start experimenting and finding a revenue stream that works best for you.


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