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eSports betting in Finland

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eSports have not been around for very long in the modern sense, but in recent years they have taken off all over the world. They are recognised as real sports in many countries, and their popularity is only going to drive the genre forward further. The competitive gaming market has drastically blown up over the last few years and this has meant that online betting companies have gotten involved too. There is now a section on many betting sites just for betting on eSports, and this is making even more people curious about what the future of eSports holds. The situation in Finland is like that in most of the world, in that it is still in its infancy phase.

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Gambling in Finland is no secret, and most of the population engage in gambling in some form or another every single year. Thus, eSports betting just means that the Finnish people will have even more to bet on than they did before. Many Finnish betting sites are now trying to capitalise on the popularity of eSports by dedicating large portions of their sites to the genre.

eSports is competitive video gaming, and has proven to be very popular among bettors. There are lots of games that bettors can choose to wager on, and they come in many different categories and genres. The most popular game seems to be CS:GO, which is a first-person shooter game.

This game implements things called skins. These are essentially cosmetic items that the players can win or purchase to change the way their character or equipment looks in the game. This is the second form of payment that can be made when placing eSports bets, with the first being cash. Cash is the most popular way, and it is carried out in the same way that any other bet would be on a sports betting site.

These skins, however, represent a new way to bet, and they are common in many other esports games as well. Variations on the CS: GO skin system are emerging all the time, with different genres opting for their own style. With Finland sitting in fifth place in terms of eSports players, the country has a strong desire to both play and watch eSports, and the betting companies are hoping this also means they will want to bet on them too. Some of the top eSports players are Finnish, and there are Finnish eSports teams that have earned several hundred thousand dollars through various competitions. This inspires young people to want to do the same, and the Finnish government is helping this along by implementing eSports courses in certain colleges.

Individual eSports players are the top earners though, with Finnish born Jesse Vainika, online name JerAx, bringing in a whopping $6.5 million throughout his career playing the popular game Dota 2. Other players like him have managed to earn millions as well. This shows just how much money is involved in the eSports gaming scene, and it makes it clear why betting sites, would want to get involved.

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