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Gear for playing CS:GO

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A lot of people say that they are batiks with a mouse for 10 usd, although they do not understand what they say. In fact, devices are designed to help you get ahead. Crooked hands? Devices can't straighten them out. Why not?

Devices are designed for experienced players who already have experience with cheaper devices, but feel some limit to their current hardware. Peripherals will give you some sort of comfort (Your hand will be less tired, more comfortable hand position, etc.)


The mouse is everyone's favorite perennial controversy. But the mouse is only 20% of all success. Without aim you can and pro-scenes move forward.  And so, from the start I want to say the following: Your hsrate will not help you kill enemies all the time, some will just shoot you in the body. Most of the global and runs with hsrate 20% and nothing (they are not snipers).And so: Like I said, it's like an extension of your skill. Limit, dead end?

Take a gaming mouse and get used to it. Bending like a s1mple? I don't think so. What you should do before buying a mouse:

1) Find the perfect sensitivity. Obligatory. We feel that we critically lack the mouse pad and do not get a good aim.  On our  site where you can find your ideal sensitivity.

Enter the original value of 360 from your mat, say 2.25. Multiply by 1.5, divide by 2. 3 values: 3.38 - 2.25 - 1.13. Lead by angle, figure out which sensor is easier to play with. Does the sight stay on the angle? Is it easier?

Suppose we took 1.13, then cross out the other extreme value (3.38), that leaves 2.25 - 1.13 and divide 1.13 by 2 (If you took the top one, then you need to multiply 3.38 by 1.5). 2.25 - 1.13 - 0.57, also play around and choose the best value. Let's say 2.25 is better, then 2.25 - 1.13*1.5=1.95 - 1.13. Again, choose which is better, 1.95 or adjacent values, etc., until the values are reduced and you have an easier time driving by angle.

2) At least reach some kind of limit to your skill set. Seriously, don't buy a mouse after the first 2 hundred hours. You and the difference will not feel (Well, except for those who played other shooters). Under the right hand, symmetrical, with side keys, with large size and not. (We pick one at a time)

Price segment. Refrain from buying a4tech and the like. Some will not understand me, but after buying it you will write to everyone that you're happy, but in reality at heart...

Tech. Now it is very popular thru pros to use wireless gaming mouse , which in 2022 are very popular and show good results. 

Material. Plastic, rubberized, or maybe even iron (Sensei).

The sensor. With Accelerator, without. If your criteria are met by a mouse without acceleration (Perfect Sensor), you are a lucky guy!

Acceleration is bad for your skill. The ideal sensor - sensors without acceleration and error.


-Microsoft WMO 1.1

- Microsoft IMO 1.1

- Microsoft IME 3.0

- Zowie FK

- Zowie AM

- Zowie FK1

- Zowie EC1 CL

- Zowie EC1 eVo

- Zowie EC2 CL

- Zowie EC2 eVo

- Razer Deathadder 3G

- Razer Deathadder 3. 5G

- Razer Deathadder 2013

- Razer Abyssus

- Logitech G400s

- Logitech G400s

- Logitech G502

- Steelseries Kana V2

- Steelseries Rival

- Mionix Avoir 7000

- Cooler Master Storm Spawn

- Cooler Master Storm Alcor

- Roccat Savu

- Roccat Kone Pure Optical

- Roccat Kone Pure Military

- Mad Catz R.A.T. 3

- Corsair M45


Seriously, this is the last thing to think about in FPS games. I bought a mechanical keyboard and everyone in my house is praying I'm done playing. Those loud scrolls, ugh. But I like it. Don't need the extra function keys. Why? It's not DotA, and that very DotA doesn't need them either.  Someone I know told me that 1000 gtz gives me an advantage over 125 gtz because I get some kind of advantage because of the clear strafe (Stopping on time, momentary head). I think this is nonsense. No? Anyway, I don't want to argue. I didn't feel it.

Mechanical or diaphragm. Loud mechanics will give you a headache if you play without headphones. Quiet mechanics are rare, and it doesn't feel the same. Membrane keyboard is not as crisp, but it's also cheaper. At your discretion, the main thing is not a membrane, which costs a lot of money (SteelSeries APEX). Community likes everything loud and clear, and I recommend the SteelSeries 6Gv2. It's full-sized, comfortable. I myself sit on the Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition (Loud, all the neighbors are deafening).  


The mat is also important. If you play Counter-Strike, that means your mouse should be on a very large pad. Without a doubt the Qck+ or one of those huge Goliathus's. You could also get a Qck Hard, but I haven't used one and don't know the difference. Pad is chosen at your discretion, but it's important to know - in Counter-Strike uses a very small value of mouse sensitivity and sometimes the mat is simply not enough.

1) Material of the mat - Rag or plastic. Huge difference in resistance and feel. I prefer rag, but my friend only likes plastic mats. It's a matter of taste.

2) Size. Small table? Buy a small one. But still get a bigger one if there is enough space, because the rugs and not so expensive. Although money is also a pity, but if you're here, what money are we talking about?

3) The surface. Don't get the different patterns, I almost crashed my sensor when I was using the DotA2 mat and Xai on it. Now my good old Xai can't read the black surface. I use a 2MM Qck+, black. It's thin, but the table is flat and kind of like the 4mm is thicker and more comfortable, but I don't care.


Sound quality? Not to me. I'm very bad at this as I've had a bear step in my ear. For what it's worth, I love rock/metal and listen to the whole thing with my Razer Electra.  True, there are a few buts. Take the bucket. The price of, let's say, 5 conventional units.Glue the emblem Razer, repaint it, and the price of 40 conventional units. Buying SteelSeries/Razer headphones is a waste of money. I'm convinced.

Therefore: I recommend Sennheisers, which are the most comfortable gaming headset. Price/quality, everything is optimal.  You should buy headphones from 200 usd price, and if you have headphones from 1000 usd price, you better buy a normal sound card. It's not serious to sit with expensive headphones and bad equipment.

Again, maybe I'm wrong.SteelSeries fans, back off, they really are making money on you. Any device, just not headphones. I regret buying the Razer Electra.


Essential! A must-have when playing CS:GO. Check your microphone for the presence of background noise, interference, etc. I would buy something more expensive, but I use a microphone from the Web-Camera. 

1) Check for noise, make sure there is none. Is there? Fix it somehow, or buy a normal microphone. You can do cheap, can be expensive, but you do not want to record any track.

2) If you're a streamer, buy a condenser mic. Unidirectional, you don't want to hear extraneous conversations.

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