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How To Become a Professional CSGO Player In 2021?

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(ESL | Helena Kristiansson)

Esports is on the cusp of blooming into a worldwide career option. It’s one of the only true career paths that invites you in, instead of repelling you. Making money and a living out of doing something you so dearly love is a dream. But to achieve it is not all fun and laughs. There’s a lot to be sacrificed and a lot to be learned.

In this transitional age, it’s not easy to become a pro. At least not as easy as it used to be 5 or 10 years ago. So here’s a brief guide on what aspects you’ll have to take care of en route to the top CS:GO teams in the world.

5. Network and Join a serious team

One of the very first things to know as a player is that you simply can’t adapt the lone-wolf tactic and achieve real success in CS:GO. CS:GO is a team game, and if you are serious about becoming a pro, you need to find a serious team. You need to get your name out there in the community.

Browsing Reddit or Twitter or ESEA forums will help you find a team. Once you do find similar-minded teammates, stick to it. Hopping from team to team would paint your reputation negatively, and will hamper your chances to grow. No matter what, find a good team and stick to it until a higher opportunity comes your way.

Build good connections, treat people right, and be known for being a good and real person and teammate.

4. Create and Follow a Training Routine

You need to follow a serious training routine, every single working day. Grinding deathmatches is a very narrow part of this aspect. Even when you’re playing deathmatch, you need a reliable method. Playing any gun randomly will be fruitless.


Hiko provided a good training routine to start with and to stick to, but you should try to create and optimize a personal routine.

The Hiko Challenge

But that is just for an aim-based warmup. Practicing aimbot maps and headshots is important but your real training starts with your teammates.

You need to practice nade lineups. You need to engrain them in your head. With your team, you need to practice Site executions; as a T or a CT. Practice taking every site on every map, but master each one by one. Do not rush into learning everything at once.

Depending on what kind of team you have, realize the amount of utility you need to successfully and consistently retake a site. Spend utility accordingly early into the round, and try to have the bare minimum for potential retake situations. Know your team and your team’s playstyle.

Explore game mechanics, grenade mechanics, etc. Know your callouts and agree on them with your team. Know your timings. You should know how much time it takes to go from Point A to Point B on any map. Ingrain Spray Patterns in your head to the point that you spray correctly subconsciously.

Elevating your game sense is the key part of CS:GO, and to do that, you need to know every aspect of the game. Landing headshots can only take you so far. Once you have a deep knowledge of the game, only then can your team rise high in the CS:GO rankings, and only then will your experience broaden your true game sense.
Watching analysts break down a game after the end of a match is very useful as well, and something you should keep in mind. Watch your own demos and see where you went wrong and be sure to make it right the next time. Experience without rectification is hollow.

Discuss everything you do with your CS:GO team. Every little detail you learn but do not share with your 4 friends is a detail worth nothing.

3. Find a Mentor

Having a mentor or a coach is very useful, and it keeps you on the right path. Hard work is key, but working hard in the wrong direction is bad. You need a personal mentor, be it a serious full-time coach, or just someone successful and experienced that you built a connection with in your networking phase.

Becoming mature with the help of a wise person will make you hundred times more attractive for organizations and top CS:GO teams to pick you up.

2. Set Short Term Goals and Be Disciplined

Everything you achieve should be a green tick in your diary of goals. Do you want to master a particular map with your team in the next 2-3 weeks? Break it down into pieces and create visible and written goals for all aspects of it.

If you’re grinding hard as mentioned above, discipline and seriousness should barely be a problem for you. If it needs explaining to Person X how important it is to be focused and disciplined, then Person X is not on the right path themselves.

You need to surround yourself with like-minded people so when the times get tough, the atmosphere around you will be serious enough for you to push through it and prevail. If you could create a strong mindset and follow the points in this guide with discipline, I have no doubt that you’ll find yourself in the topmost echelons of Counter-Strike.

1. Grind FACEIT/ESEA and take ESEA League seriously

At the end of the day, your team needs to showcase itself and pit itself against the best. To rise in the CS:GO team rank list, you need to play at the right places. FACEIT and ESEA League need no introduction. It’s a huge topic in itself, and I’ll keep it for another day.

Making a name for yourself in ESEA League helps you increase your CS:GO rating and legitimacy. Be it European, CIS, or NA regions, rising through ESEA League is the best way to get out there and be recognized.


(ESL | Bart Oerbekke)

As mentioned multiple times, you cannot solo queue yourself into the topmost layer of CS:GO, especially in this age. The best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams in the world right now play very team-based gameplay, with deep teammate chemistry. Astralis’ gameplay and utility management are pure eye candies. Grenades flying in the sky with the topmost precision and synchronization is a grand sight to behold, and it takes months and years of practice to master that.

In the end, every moment of time you spend is an investment. Each moment is precious and deserves appreciation. Every second spent learning utility, learning the map, practicing your aim, researching your weak points, networking, building chemistry with teammates, etc. are equally important. Time reserved for relaxation, taking care of physical and mental health, time for loved ones, etc. are important too.

All these precious seconds will collectively push you towards your ultimate goal.

So go out there, find good teammates and grow TOGETHER!

Happy Playing and Good Luck!


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