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CS:GOPedia/Blog/Guides/How to Play CS:GO - Radar Commands Guide

How to Play CS:GO - Radar Commands Guide

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As it turned out, many players often have their radars not tuned properly. In this post, I will tell you in the most informative way how to properly configure the radar in Counter Strike: Global Offensive for your resolution and aspect ratio

No One Suddenly Cares for the Radar

Purely for the sake of experiment, I asked my friends, with whom I play CS:GO, to send me some in-game screenshots, on which I could see their HUD. Analyzing the screenshots, I came to the conclusion that 9 out of 10 people with whom I play either have their radars not configured at all, or have them configured very poorly. And this is rather strange because the ranks these people have ranged from Legendary Eagle Master to The Global Elite. All of them used only CS:GO standard config.

This fact caught my attention and I started to look at the screenshots sent by friends with lower ranks, and what would you think? They had absolutely the same situation. Practically everyone has a default radar configuration, on which you can not see a damn thing. And I do not understand why this is so, do these people expect any voice support from the teammates?

Let's make it clear, even playing with friends you know well, you often find yourself in a situation when your teammates, even if they give you an info do it only after getting killed in the game because they can't simultaneously receive bomb plant and talk.

Or your teammate confuses the names and gives an incorrect info, which only worsens the state of affairs. And that's not to talks about random bros from the matchmaking, some of which probably have their parents sleeping in the room, which is why they have to remain silent throughout the match. Therefore, a well-tuned radar and its timely monitoring greatly simplify the gaming.

 So I suggest that we review the key CS:GO map commands for tuning your radar together. This tips will help you to configure best radar settings.


CS:GO HUD Radar Scale Command

  • Min value - 0.8
  • Max value - 1.3
  • My preference value - 1.3

This command is responsible for adjusting the radar size in the HUD.

Since I'm playing at full HD resolution, 1920x1080, I'll set the maximum value for myself, which is, 1.3. If you play at low resolution, do not rush to set the maximum size, since the radar, in this case, may be too big.


CS:GO Radar Scale Command

  • Min value - 0.25
  • Max value - 1
  • My preference value - 0.35

And it is this value that most players have set up incorrectly. The map area visible on the radar should be large, but the map detail should not be small enabling you to quickly determine the location of allies and enemies. For my configuration, I chose the 0.35 value.


CS:GO Radar Rotate Command

  • 1 - enable
  • 0 - disable.
  • My preference value - 1

This command is responsible for the position of the radar as to your point of view. If enabled, the radar turns along with the character model. When disabled, the radar becomes static and always faces the north. For myself, I choose the option with a binding to the model camera.


CS:GO Radar centered Command

  • 1 - enable
  • 0 - disable.
  • My preference value - 0

 What does it do? When enabled, your position will always be in the center of the radar. Why is this so bad? Because when you are on the edge of the map, centering your position, it devours a huge piece of information. Thus, I disable it.


CS:GO Radar icon scale Command

  • Min value - 0.4
  • Max value - 1
  • My preference value - 0.7

 It is responsible for the size of icons of players, bomb and the like displayed on the radar. Again everything is also quite individual, I personally chose the 0.7 size option. With this value, the icons are neither too big nor tiny, perfectly distinguishable at a cursory look.


CS:GO Radar scoreboard Command

  • 1 - enable
  • 0 - disable
  • My preference value - 0

This command is responsible for enabling the radar when you push the Tab button. This is pretty silly, but despite my settings, while viewing the table, the radar position switches to a north facing one. Therefore, I disable this function.

 As a result, I've got a pretty cool radar, which is easy and convenient to monitor information on without missing anything important.

Best CS:GO Radar

And that's it! Always watch your radar, subscribe to our public on Facebook or Twitter, and also give a like to the text version of this guide posted in Steam library

What we’ve got in the end?

As a result, I had the following radar view at the resolution of 1920x1080, and what does yours look like?

  • cl_hud_radar_scale: 1.3
  • cl_radar_scale: 0.35
  • cl_radar_rotate: 1
  • cl_radar_always_centered: 0
  • cl_radar_icon_scale_min: 0.7
  • cl_radar_square_with_scoreboard: 0

Write all these commands to your CS:GO autoexec.cfg file and they will work every time you start game. This radar will be very good for any CS:GO map.

That’s all, always watch your radar!

by eZstah 
  • Last Update 18 September 2020
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