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CS:GOPedia/Blog/Guides/How to Play Music in CS:GO - Guide With Best Tips

How to Play Music in CS:GO - Guide With Best Tips

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Counter Strike: Global Offensive is a really fun game that can be enjoyed with friends as well as random people on the internet. While matching up and playing a few rounds with randoms is fun, nothing beats the sheer enjoyment of playing with people who you know and love in real life. The pleasure and experience of defeating them is a feeling of its own. What if I told you that you could make the experience even better by introducing music into the mix?

Music makes every gaming experience better, especially those with friends. That's why you may be interested in learning how to play your tunes in CS:GO and have them broadcasted so that other players can listen to it as well. So let's find out how to play music in cs go.


The first and foremost thing you should do to play music in CS:GO is to use SLAM. SLAM stands for Source Live Audio Mixer. It's a program that can be used to take care of all your musical needs when playing CS:GO. The software is very robust and capable of performing many different audio related functions from within CS:GO. However, currently, we'll focus on how to play music in game.

Slam For playing music In CS GO

The first thing to do is to download the actual program. To do that you'll need to visit Slam Site. It's the official site for the software and is run by the developers. It's best to download it from this site itself and not from any other third-party sites since you're guaranteed to get the latest version from here. Once you have it installed on your desktop, you can proceed to organize the music files you want to play while gaming.

The easiest way to do this is to make a folder you can easily find on your desktop. Then, copy all the music files you want into this directory. With that set up, you're ready to start using SLAM.

To do so, double click the SLAM icon. With the program open in front of you, click the import button.

import music to play in CS:GOThis will open up a small window where you can choose the music files you want to import. Navigate to the folder you already created and select all the audio files that are present there. Once they're imported, you have many options like to edit them or to make them more suitable for use in the game.

How to import misic to CS:GOThe first thing you'll want to do is set the volume down to about 50 to 65%. The default setting of 100% is way too loud and is likely to annoy your teammates and make them kick you.

Next, you'll want to set a key that will start playing the music. By default, it's set to 'X' but you can choose to change it to any key you like.

music volume in CS:GOWith everything set up, you can press the Start button to finally enjoy some tunes in CS:GO. Start up CS:GO from steam. Then, once the game has loaded up, you'll need to open the console. The default key to do this is the ' ' ' key. If pressing it doesn't make anything appear, check your settings and key bindings once.

Console commands to  play music in CS:GO

Now, type into the console "exec slam". After that, type "la". This should bring up a list of all the songs that you imported into SLAM. While there are several slam console commands, this is the only one you'll actually need. To play a song, press the corresponding song's number and then the previously set Play Music key which is 'X' by default.

Since SLAM works in all of Valve's games which run on the source engine, it's also the perfect answer to how to play music in css, the previous game in the Counter-Strike series which is still pretty popular despite its age.

What about Mac computers?

Unfortunately, SLAM is available only for the Windows platform. This means CS:GO gamers on Mac will need another software solution that can answer the question of how to play music in cs go mac.

This solution happens to be Loopback. While not as easy to use as SLAM, it can be just as effective. In fact, it can even be used to play audio from sources such as your web browser, in addition to your standard music players. This makes Loopback also the perfect answer for how to play music from youtube in cs go.


Using Loopback is actually really simple. The first thing to do, as usual, is to download and install the program. Then, start it. The next instructions need to be followed very carefully otherwise you won't be hearing any music the next time you counter strike play.

You need to make a new virtual device by clicking the New Virtual Device' button. Now select the application you'd like to play music from If you plan on using your browser to play the songs, choose either Safari or Chrome from the list. Make sure you use the same browser to play music in the background when you play CS:GO. The next part is to change your audio input device. There are two ways to accomplish this

  • Through steam
  • Through your system preferences

Through Steam

This method is better if you want to isolate the changes to microphone preference you make to only steam games.

After opening Steam, click on preferences. From there, choose Parameters, then click Configuration. From there go into Preferences and click on Voice'. Once you're in this menu, you'll have to click 'Change device'. In the list that appears, choose Loopback 2.

Through Your System Preferences

This method is very similar the previous one The key difference is that you'll be changing your system setting so the change will be reflected across applications on your Mac.

It's actually very straight forward since you just need to go into System Preferences and change your mic to Loopback 2.

At the end of the day, each of these software solutions is equally viable. They all get the same job done well Ultimately, they are how to play music through mic in game. They make this task very easy and ensure you don't need actual speakers and mics to play music in the game.


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