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CS:GOPedia/Blog/Guides/LoL World Championship 2020 - Path to the Final

LoL World Championship 2020 - Path to the Final

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One of the most spectacular tournaments in the esports world – League of Legend  2020 World Championship has ended.

The first finalist of the tournament was the Chinese team Suning as it had been expected before. The roster beat the opponents from Top Esports with 3:1 confidently. Suning started playing at the tournament as the third team in China but defeated the second team, JD Gaming in the quarterfinals and the Top-1 team, Top Esports in the semifinals. This is the first time when the team got to the world championship so nobody expected such results.

Suning’s opponents at the final match was the South Korean roster Damwon Gaming. The team got a persuasive victory over the club G2 Esports with 3:1.

This is the first time in three years when a Korean team made it to the final of LoL 2020 World Championship. For the last two years Chinese teams have played only with European teams in the finals.

Damwon looked irrepressible when they finished the last game of the series against G2 only in 19 minutes and 3 seconds, the fastest game in history. 

In numerous pre-match interviews, Damwon swore to revenge G2 that knocked them out in the quarterfinals of the world championship 2019. After the victory at Damwon Gaming, the gamers copied the victorious pose of four players carrying one gamer which was initially made by G2 after the victory over GEN.G, another Korean team.

“I am happy because we took revenge after last year and I am even happier that we managed to take revenge for LCK, as G2 has already beaten LCK several times”, – said the coach Damwon Gaming.

Another thing that was standing out lay in the fact that G2 claimed Damwon the best team in an interview held after the game.

“The biggest reason (of our loss) lies in the fact that they (Damwon) are the best team. I think we are sincere when we say it”, – says Fabian "GrabbZ‎" Lohmann, the main coach in G2. Also he noticed that they truly have a good chance at the final.

The interview with G2 stood in stark contrast with two Gen.G gamers’ turndown to be present at the interview after their loss from G2 in the quarterfinals. Gen.G was the only team that was kicked out of the quarterfinal whose gamers were not present at the interview.

The final match between Damwon Gaming and Suning was the first meeting in six years when Korea and China met at the final. The final will take place at Pudong Football Stadium in Shanghai and it has become the first world event with a live audience since the COVID-19 pandemic forced the games to switch to online streams exclusively. It is expected to host approximately 6000 people.

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