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Mayflash F300 vs F500 

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Gaming has been touching new heights in recent years. It has created a separate hype between youngsters and also the veterans of gaming. What’s more interesting is how competitive the producers of the games have gotten. That reflects how quickly the games have been advancing in terms of graphics and overall user gameplay. The rise of the gaming industry has allowed many console makers to develop some advanced tech consoles to support such high-end games. And with that, some additional accessory manufacturers are seizing this opportunity. However, the craze for some real arcade games has not vanished as yet. The classic arcade fighting games still hold a great deal and importance, especially among more experienced players. And for the love of arcade games, manufacturers have been coming up with arcade-style fight sticks. We’ll be covering Mayflash f300 vs f500 and reviewing which is better. Fightsticks are more common now than ever. 

About the Product

Mayflash F300


In case you're searching for an arcade stick for your gaming needs, or you wish to check battle stands out yet don't wish to spend excessively, this might be the item you need. It is an ideal amateur, general battle stick. The Mayflash F300 has a straightforward plan, like most battle sticks, that fit in the scope of the cost. It's a strong piece of hardware, which is unquestionably an or more once more, taking in the low-value factor, as consistent quality is one of the two key components regarding agreeableness. The Mayflash F300 fight stick is an ideal fledgling stick that offers excellent incentives for cash. Worked by the Chinese Mayflash Limited organization, the F300 a spending stick that won't burn up all available resources. Maybe its most engaging component is the capacity to play on practically any stage. Believe it or not, it's an all-inclusive fight stick which implies you can play it on PS4, PS3, XBOX ONE, XBOX360, PC, Nintendo Switch, and even Android. It is also compatible with Sanwa parts. The size of the item is 22 x 13 x 11 inches and weighs around 2 kg. As many individuals dread that the size of the item might be excessively little, in this way contrarily affecting solace, albeit essentially all close to home audits on the item state in any case. Individuals are wonderfully astounded by this piece of tech and on purpose.

Over the long haul, you will need to move up to other arcade sticks, as you will feel the difference. Especially between may flash f300 vs f500, you will notice.  


The unit is profound with a firm vibe, yet its little size implies less wrist space. The joystick feels heavy; however, it isn't pretty much as smooth as other cutting-edge partners. That is because there is a great deal of movement distance required for the joystick to enlist info. Some may call this a no man's land. Concerning the catches, their position feels marginally off when contrasted with different models available, particularly for those with bigger hands. Notwithstanding, this relies upon what sorts of other arcade sticks the player was utilized earlier. An extra link is expected to interface with a regulator on certain stages, which may disrupt the general flow.


The heaviness of the F300 is normal, yet, once more, the size inclines more towards little. A significant difficulty is that, as referenced previously, a few states require an adornment. Specifically, playing on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or Xbox 360 requires the player to associate a USB link from the arcade adhere to the local regulator notwithstanding the standard association required from the arcade to the reassure. An outsider remote dongle is accessible for the individuals who like the arcade stick enough to need to up their equipment game. The buttons and the stick have a relatively nice give to them. 


The feel office is the place where the F300 hits an unequaled low. The look is past tasteless and yells modest plastic, denoting the F300, a competitor for the most noticeably terrible glancing arcade stick in this current age. It doesn't do the moderate style equity if that is what the architects were going for. One gander at the arcade stick, and unmistakably it can mix in with models intended to be patched up before discharge. Luckily, one can, at any rate, print out a fine art decal to stick onto the surface.


Fortunately, the Amazon cost is that of a small-scale fight stick. The way that Mayflash cast this cost on a full-sized fight stick is right around a marker that Mayflash realizes that this is a disappointing item. Perhaps it is Mayflash's method of advancing the Elite form, which promptly accompanies Sanwa—keeping in mind that this particular fightstick may feel outdated. It does not offer the same experience as its successors. If you’re looking for something to last you longer, more comfortably, then this may not be the one for you. However, if you don’t plan on sticking to one and just want to get a feel for it without paying much, this is a great deal between mayflash f500 vs f300.

 Mayflash F500


It likewise flaunts support for the Xbox 360, PC, Nintendo Switch, the Neo Geo Mini, and even Android. Thus, on the off chance that you have an extensive library of arcade games all over your consoles, the F500 has you covered. On account of more current stages, the battle stick likewise goes about as a passthrough, allowing you to plug your headset and mic in, so you can serenely hear your sound and your voice calls if you so decide. 

The outright heave of the F500 and exactly how glossy it is. The battle stick has a strong vibe to it, gauging enough that you presumably will not have any desire to keep it in your lap. Instead, lay it on a table, particularly because of the reality, it has huge elastic feet on the base to keep it from slipping on level surfaces. In the meantime, there's an intelligent acrylic faceplate, which can be supplanted or redone with decals to don your #1 battling game plans.

If you would prefer not to go to that much exertion, you could even print out a plan and spot it underneath the plate. I like the smooth dark plan that it comes in, yet I could undoubtedly see the battle leave looking decent with a beautiful Blazblue topic embellishing it. Another point in the F500's kindness is that you can take the base arcade stick and change it with parts based on your personal preference. You get the incredible form nature of the base, and you can blend and match whatever pieces you'd need, including Sanwa, onto it, making your own optimal custom battle stick. The choices to deceive it out with outsider contributions settle on it a phenomenal decision in case you're into modifying your battling game insight.

The Mayflash F500 is the greater sibling to the Mayflash F300. I've effectively audited the Mayflash F300 and discovered it to be a capable and sensible passage-level fight stick. The F500 is more costly than the F300. The cost is supported in any case. In addition to the fact that it is superior to the F300, it's seemingly preferred worth over fight sticks that are double the cost.


The Universal Arcade Stick F500 V2 is greater than its archetype, which implies more space for comfort. The metallic cover and base increment the weight and, generally speaking, security. Nonetheless, the inferior catches feel somewhat awkward and sound uproarious. They work better compared to the ones from the archetype, however.


Shockingly, an octagonal door is given as a stock extra, and supplanting the entryways is moderately straightforward. The equivalent applies to the catches because of the simple to-see screws at the base. An improvement over the archetype is that there is, at last, an earphone jack. Nonetheless, a local regulator is expected to associate the arcade stick when playing on the comfort.


There is somewhat more subtlety to the plan this time around, yet the new expansion is, by all accounts, an idea in retrospect. In particular, it was proposed for the work of art to cause it to seem like the surface has broken towards the joystick, maybe attempting to look "fight worn." Notwithstanding, it simply doesn't go with the shortsighted plan that the general work of art depicts. Luckily, the acrylic board is effectively removable should one add new fine art.


The Amazon cost is acceptable because this is a normal fightstick with a beneath than-normal cost. What might have been genuinely noteworthy, in any case, is if this fightstick was magnificent, however, at this equivalent cost. That is the reason you need to think about the Elite variant. Although if you want to start somewhere without spending a ton, then you may consider this. Also, this is a much better value for money than the f300 for its upgraded performance. You would be getting a much better deal out of this alone, even if you don’t want to go for the elite model.  

Mayflash F300 vs F500

The Mayflash F500 is a somewhat greater rendition of the Mayflash F300, holding a more exorbitant cost tag, with few changes to the general plan. The item size is 14.2 x 2.4 x 9.2 inches and weighs 2.7 kg, making it greater and heavier than the Mayflash F300. 

Both the Mayflash F300 vs F500 utilize similar quality joystick and catches. They support similar consoles and gadgets, and both are effectively moddable. The distinction with the F500 is that it drops, of course, with a square entryway introduced and an octagon door remembered for the request. The catches and stick may feel sub-par compared to other very good quality fighsticks with both these models. However, if you've effectively utilized a top-of-the-line battle stick, let's face it, there's no genuine justification for you to buy one of these items. 

Basic grumbling clients have with the F300 because it's excessively little for individuals with enormous hands, where the F500 is an ideal match. This is the lone case where I would put the F500 over the F300 regarding quality control. Mayflash f300 vs. f500 size is a significant difference as it completely redefines the feel in hand. 

Feel when playing

The proper expression would be acceptable; however, not incredible. Like the F300, the Mayflash F500 has outsider parts meaning the joystick and catches are not Sanwa. The catches, in this way, feel very soft and uproarious when playing. This isn't too large of an issue anyway. It plays sufficient, particularly for the amateur or easygoing player. The reaction times are genuinely acceptable, better than the F300, which is, without a doubt, somewhat better quality. Plus, trading the catches is a breeze. There are only six screws on the baseboard that should be eliminated, trailed by four more modest Philip screws. Indeed, even an amateur could alter this fightstick as they would prefer without much of a stretch. Adding Sanwa catches and joystick will make this stick a monster. 

The way that F500 has an earphone jack, something which the F300 needs. It is anything but a distinct advantage for remote headset clients; however, it's certainly ideal to have. Mayflash F500 sticks widespread element, and it's certainly very valuable. The solitary issue is utilizing this fightstick in competitions. The arrangement is somewhat off-kilter, and hauling around an additional regulator just to play is oppressive. Subsequently, f500 is hard to suggest this is a commendable competition stick.


You sort of getting what you pay for; however, the Mayflash F300 is an incredible fledgling fightstick that offers an amazing cash incentive. The way that is it's a general stick and can, without much of a stretch, be modded is enormous in addition to, on the off chance that you've never had a fightstick and need to get one and yet don't have any desire to use up every last cent at that point, get this fightstick. 

Both the Mayflash F300 and F500 are incredible novice battle sticks, which have a decent quality to value proportion. On the off chance that you don't wish to spend excessively and wish to feel the experience of utilizing a battle stick, one of these choices is certainly the correct one for you. 

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