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Netgear EX 2700 vs Netgear wn3000rp

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Finding out the ideal quality Range Extender for Wi-Fi can be a difficult task. There are not many companies that can offer you high-quality and excellent functioning Range Extender Wi-Fi routers. But Netgear is the ideal option to consider. However, there are many options available in the Netgear series, including the wn3000rp vs ex2700, which is a must purchase the most people. Most people are often looking for Wi-Fi extender options for their offices and a larger area of the house. Therefore going with these two options, including the Netgear ex2700 vs wn3000rp, can be a great choice.

Why don't you find out which one is a better choice? we have compiled all the information regarding wn3000rp vs ex2700 Wi-Fi extender options. Make sure you are taking a complete look at these Wi-Fi extender options and then deciding which one can be the ideal Netgear option to have in your house or office.

About the product

Netgear wn3000rp Wi-Fi extender

The first one we are talking about is the wn3000rp Wi-Fi extender which is the easy-to-use wall plugin version. This one is the perfect choice for people who are looking for Wi-Fi connectivity in their house and their offices. This one is the single band connectivity option along with that it has a data transfer speed of 300 megabits per second. This option by Netgear is a perfect option to consider, which is wireless and also provides an excellent and steady supply of Wi-Fi all around the house. It can easily be integrated with various operating systems, including Linux, Windows Vista, and much more. Moreover, there is one port available that you must check. Along with that, there are a lot more exciting features to explore in this Wi-Fi Range Extender option.

The good thing is that it can easily be charged by plugging it into the wall, and also it runs smoothly and provides study Wi-Fi all around the area. You can use the Wi-Fi extender to integrate it with the mobile phone as well.

The people who are wondering what this life extender is capable of providing well it can quickly boost the speed and provide you better wireless Speed. The connectivity is also one thing that you will be getting with this excellent quality Wi-Fi extender. Moreover, this one is highly compatible with gaming and streaming. There is a lot more than just the primary Wi-Fi router. You will be getting the external antenna along with better performance, and more than that, you will be saving a lot of space because of the compact design. Better connectivity is one thing that makes it just the perfect option.

Netgear Wi-Fi extender ex2700

We have another one of the ideal choices available. The Netgear Wi-Fi extender 2700 is the perfect option for the coverage of up to 800 square feet. Moreover, you can connect up to 10 devices simultaneously to this wireless Wi-Fi booster. Along with that, it has a speed of 300 Mbps. And also, this one is another one of the options that are integrated on the wall. The easy plugin option will provide you with a study range of Wi-Fi in your area. It is a great choice and available at an affordable price. Moreover, the compact size is just perfect. For a small office is this can be the ideal choice to consider.

There is a lot more to consider in this Wi-Fi extender as well. This one is a high-quality Wi-Fi extender that is simple and easy to install and provides Wi-Fi coverage just the right way. For delivering the ultimate speed and streaming, the smart TVs, and game in this one is the ideal choice.

This one has an incredible speed of 300 Mbps, and this model is the perfect Wi-Fi extender for small offices and houses. The Wi-Fi bandwidth is 2.4 gigahertz. Or so the compatibility is excellent. Moreover, this one is highly incredible for just the perfect use indoors. You might not be able to use it outdoor, which can be said that with the people who are looking for a highly competitive device for outdoor use.


Netgear wn3000rp

  • It is the plug based Wi-Fi extender
  • Single-band Wi-Fi extender
  • 4 gigahertz bandwidth and 300mbps speed
  • LAN speed is a 200 Mbps


Netgear ex2700

  • Plug based Wi-Fi Technology
  • Single-band Wi-Fi extender
  • 4 gigahertz bandwidth
  • 300 Mbps speed
  • 100 MBPS speed for LAN

From the key features, you can figure out that both of these devices have no difference at all. Both of these Wi-Fi extenders are wall plug-based options with single-band technology. Moreover, the speed of the Wi-Fi extenders is also the same.

So from the key features, we cannot decide which one is a better choice. To recognize the difference between wn3000rp vs ex2700, we will have to dig in a little deeper.

Netgear ex2700 vs wn3000rp features

From the features, you can finally figure out which one will be the ideal choice to consider. Make sure you are taking a look at the features deeply so that you can finally decide which one is the ideal option to consider. All the speeds of both of these options are similar; however, the pricing might differ a little bit based on the features that these models have. Let's find out!

Which is better: wn3000rp vs ex2700

You would wonder which one is a better choice between Netgear wn3000rp or ex2700. We can tell you based on all the features and overall performance. We can say that Netgear wn3000rp is a good choice even though the ex2700 Netgear Wi-Fi extender costs less than this one but based on the highly regarded and best performance option to consider. Most people come across this high-quality option while they are looking for a smooth-functioning Wi-Fi extender. Both of these are of good quality and excellence in terms of functioning, but a few things are still there that make the Netgear wn3000rp a better choice to consider. Even though the pricing is better for the ex2700 Netgear, if you are on a tight budget, then going for the Netgear ex2700 would not be a bad choice.

Most of the features of both of these Wi-Fi extenders are comparatively similar. The speed is the same, and the size and compact nature are also identical. There is no significant difference between Wi-Fi technology and bandwidth as well. However, the performance might differ. For advanced features, the n300 is the perfect option to consider.

Shape size and Physical aspects

Netgear ex2700

The Wi-Fi extender is available in white color and has a height of 2.64 inches. Along with that, the depth is 1.34 inches, and the width is 2.17 inches. The total weight is 0.22 LBS. It is one of the elegant-looking wall plug-in Wi-Fi extenders that has the same features as the wn3000rp.

Netgear wn3000rp

Netgear wn3000rp is similar to what you have checked before. It has dimensions of 2.64 x 2.17 x 1.34 inches. Moreover, the total weight is 0.22 Pounds. Also, it is available in the same white color. But what is the difference then?

Well, the difference between both of the Wi-Fi extenders is the functioning.


If you are trying to find Netgear ex2700 vs wn3000rp, we can tell you that both of these Wi-Fi extenders have two antennas available. You can easily be attached or detached the antenna according to the requirement. Both of these options are perfect for indoor use and not perfect for outdoor use. So if you are planning to use this Wi-Fi extender outdoor, you must know it is not a good choice.

You must make sure that you are installing it in those with that it is safe from dust and rain. Both of these aspects and the other weather aspects can ruin the Wi-Fi extender.


Netgear ex2700

This one has the WPS LED indicator available. Along with that, it has a power LED indicator as well. From the router, there is the router link LED also available along with the device LED indicator. This one uses the AC power supply directly from the wall outlet, and it is also controlled by the application, which is another plus point.

Even though it is similar to the other option, the Netgear wn3000rp, there is a lot more to consider. The encryption and the available security are WPA PSK and WEP. Also, this one has the interface of the Ethernet port available.

Netgear wn3000rp

This one has encryption, and the security that is wpa2 PSK and wpa2 security also available. Moreover, the interfaces that are available include an Ethernet port. The good thing is that there is a more significant number of indicators available than the other model. There is a router LED link available along with the client LED link. The power LED and client error led is also available for easier navigation. There are many more and better control options on this Wi-Fi router than the other option, making it a better choice to consider. Moreover, it uses the direct AC supply because of the wall plug-in. And the other benefit is that you can easily control it using the application.


Netgear ex2700

All the other features include the coverage area of 6000 square feet and the connection option that allows you to connect up to 10 devices simultaneously. You can easily set this device within 5 minutes, and there are no compatibility issues as it is universally compatible. This one is a budget-friendly option, along with all the other features that make it a perfect choice.

Netgear wn3000rp

All the other features include the easy setup and installation that do not require any CD. Moreover, the fast Ethernet port helps you with quick setup and adjustments. There is a push-button also available that you can use for easy connection. This set-up will provide you a protected Wi-Fi setup that you can use.

What people like about Netgear ex2700?

The customer is happy about the design and the compact size. The easy setup and adjustments are also a big advantage that is availed by most customers. Moreover, it is perfect for indoor use and provides great area coverage. The certification and the warranty of one year is another plus point that customers appreciate. Moreover, it can be used by the application available, so it is easier for people to use without any hassle.

What people like about Netgear wn3000rp?

The people are happy because of the improved range compared to the other options, and it provides easy connection with the mobile phone and laptop and a smart TV. Moreover, the smart LED light indicators that are available are a plus point as well. The excellent Wi-Fi coverage will be the perfect option as well. There is a better signal strength with this Wi-Fi router as compared to the other option. And the one-year warranty is also available along with the CE certification for good quality.

Bottom line

Based on all the information between Netgear ex2700 vs Netgear wn3000rp, you can finally decide which one will work for you the best. You can also find out the pictures above along with the relevant detail that you might be looking for. Make sure you take a look at these excellent quality Wi-Fi standards and decide which one will work for you the best. However, not to forget how incredibly well-performing both of these options are. You should also make sure that you are considering the perfect options available above. For the tight budget, there is an option available, but for the advanced features, we have the perfect and reliable option as well. Make sure you take a look at the detailed Review that is available above.

However, if you are looking for other features and other options, the Netgear series also has some other incredible Wi-Fi extenders. Both of these are compatible with connecting up to 10 devices at the same time. If you are looking for a more advanced option than going for the other options from the series of Netgear is also a better option.

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