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3 Pieces of Tech that Evolved Online Gaming

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We now have access to some of the greatest online games, whether that be role playing games, strategic games, sports games, or casino games. The continued development of online gaming is thanks to the technology available to those who are creating the games. Read on to discover three pieces of tech that evolved online gaming.

High definition displays and refresh rates are now commonplace in many people’s homes but they have made a huge different to online gaming. Gone are the days of having blurred graphics on the screen and we now have access to 4K screens, which provide rich and clear detail when playing online games. Refresh rate is the number of times per second a display refreshes its image. So, if your computer can play a game at a high frame rate so it can match the power of the monitor refresh rate, you will see an improved sharpness of moving images. The higher the refresh rate, the less blur and that has made online gaming a smooth experience, with games rich in detail.

You only have to look at some of the slot games at this online casino to see what difference a high definition and high refresh rate monitor can make to a game. When the reels are spinning, having access to this technology makes for an awesome slot game experience.

The development of smartphones has had a huge impact on online gaming. There was a time when you had to be sat at home, in-front of a computer screen to play online games. The thought of having access to an online game on a mobile phone was ridiculous but in 2021, it has become the norm. There are now a huge selection of mobile application games which can be installed on a smartphone in a matter of seconds. We are not talking about games like the classic snake on old Nokia devices, the biggest and best games are all available to install and play on a phone or tablet. 

You can play online games with people from around the world on your phone at any time of day, wherever you are on the planet with an internet connection. Rangers of Oblivion, RuneScape Mobile, Stella Arcana, StoneAge World, Villagers and Heroes, Warhammer Odyssey, and World of Kings are just a small example of the online mobile games played by millions of people around the world using their smartphone.

Finally, cloud technology has proved to be a massive game-changer for online gaming, especially in the online casino world. Cloud technology has made online gaming more accessible than ever before and means you do not have huge amounts of storage space on your device to enjoy playing a game. You can play many of the latest online games by connecting to a computer remotely and enjoying the game without having to invest in top end computer equipment of your own. 

Cloud gaming is going to continue to get better and change the way we play online games.


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  • Last Update 05 February 2023
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