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Play Counter-Strike Like a Pro with This Ultimate Guide

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Counter-Strike is quite possibly one of the most popular games on the market right now. That being said, only a few members are able to play at the highest level. If you’re not quite sure why this is the case, then it’s because they just don’t do a whole lot to improve their skills in-game. If you are interested in hitting that next level then this is the guide for you.

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Aim with your Mind

If you want to truly help yourself then you have to learn how to use the gun that you have. You need to focus on spray patterns, and you also need to practice with your rate of fire as well. All of this information will help you to defeat your enemies when you are in a duel. You are much better off trying to make a single, accurate shot rather than emptying the entire clip and not being able to take down anyone. Before you buy any weapon, you first need to try them out when you are training. You have to make sure that you are shooting at various distances and that you are also taking the time to learn the power of the weapons too. If you can do this then you’ll soon find that it is easier than ever for you to come out on top when playing CS GO.

Change your Tactics

You have to remember that people are going to learn your position, and this will help them to know what to expect when it comes to rounds in the future. If you do happen to change your spot or even your exit point, you will change things up for your enemies and this can work in your favour. Selecting the right position will give you a very strong advantage over your enemies. You need to use the structures on your map if possible, and you also need to look at your opponent’s viewing angle too, as this will help you to evade them in the future.

Learn the Points on the Map

Before you even start playing on the map, you have to make sure that you know it and that you study it well. You have to understand that the maps in the game help to distinguish an experienced player from one that is only a beginner. Professionals know where their enemies are at all times and they know where they can appear from as well. If you can, you need to know how to move around a situation as this will help you out even more in the future.


Talk to any expert and they will tell you that beginners just do not throw grenades. Those who are of a higher rank throw grenades all the time. If you want to do better, then you need to throw them with effectiveness. Every grenade that you throw can do much more damage when compared to a firearm, so ensure that you are doing everything you can to use this to your advantage.

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