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Quick Guide on Customizing Rust Skins  

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Coming from an independent video game publisher and developer from the UK, Facepunch Studios, Rust is a multiplayer-only video game that will put your survival skills on the ultimate test. Forget everything you’ve seen or known so far; this is something else entirely. 

While basically an action-packed shooter, Rust also features some of the elements of crafting games such as Obsidian’s Grounded and Minecraft. While fighting off enemies, you’re required to adapt to your surroundings, customize your weaponry and body armor, find food and shelter, work on your healing skills, and more. 

The whole world wants a piece of you, not just AI humans but beasts as well. The more you upgrade, the more powerful and lethal you become. This is where Rust skins come into play. Each in-game item can be customized, and here is how.

Access the Workshop in Rust 

Start your process of customization by gaining access to the Workshop in Rust. To get started, run the game and locate the Workshop button. The Workshop is the section where you can vote on your favorite skins and preview in-game items. Launch the Rust Workshop, the button is on the main menu, but you can also run it by finding the icon in the lower right corner of the main menu.

Go to the “NEW” Option to Start Customizing 

Once you have the Workshop option launched, you can start customizing by hitting the NEW option. This will allow you to create new items. The Workshop section is so user-friendly that you won’t have any problems with navigating the menu and all the available features. 

In fact, many players say that Rust excels at providing all necessary features and options for seamless working with in-game items. Once you’re in the Workshop section, you’ll clearly see all available options on the left side of the main menu.

All Items can be Customized 

Customizing Rust skins is a walk in the park. First of all, let’s clear one thing up right away – all Rust items can be customized with the right skin. You can find entire tutorials about that on the web but trust us when we say that each and every item can be customized according to the player’s preferences. 

Some skins make your weapons more powerful, others toughen your body armor, while some skins serve the purpose of scaring the living hell out of your enemies. Depending on your tactics, there is a wide range of skins that pretty much suit any type of gameplay.

Find the Item and Start Working 

To begin working on your skins, simply find the item in the drop-down menu, and select it to begin customizing. This is where Rust displays that user-friendliness. The drop-down menu provides all available items for customization. 

This includes deployables, clothes, in-game items, weapons, and everything else in between. Customize everything from your looks to your weaponry to prepare yourself for the ultimate challenge of survival. 

Choose the items you want to customize and select the EDIT tab located at the top of the menu. This tab provides all the necessary options and features you need to start working on your Rust skins. Use all the customizable parameters for each displayed item to see what your customizing options are.

Once you’re done with customizing, you can save the file on your computer by exporting the customized skins 3D mesh file to your desktop. You can also save your progress and use it for reference later on. 

The mesh file is also multipurpose as you can either alter it or import it into texturing programs for further, advanced customization. Aside from exporting the 3D mesh, you can also export all other maps related to the in-game items, including occlusion maps, specular/gloss maps, normal maps, and diffuse maps.

Once You’re Done Click Publish

Once you’ve done with your customization and you’re fully satisfied with the progress, name your skin to give it a proper name and add some unique flavor and your very own personal touch to your character. 

Once your customized skin is ready to see the light of day, you can publish your skin onto the Steam Workshop. Simply locate the Publish tab, select the item you want to publish, and hit the Publish icon. Each customized item can be published onto Steam, and this option allows you to add images on your customized items page from Steam to promote and show them off.

Use Your Custom Items or Sell Them 

Now for the good part. You can choose between either using your custom items in the game or selling them to make some real money. If you decide to sell your Rust items on the official marketplace like Steam, you should know that you can only sell your items for the usable currency on the Steam platform only. 

If you want to sell your custom items for real money, it would be best to visit third-party websites like SkinCashier. To trade and market your custom items, you’ll need a Steam account. Use your Steam account to sign in on SkinCashier and receive all the options you need to complete transactions with success. 

Aside from the opportunity to make money, SkinCashier also provides a safe and secure environment where your private and financial information will be protected at all times.


This guide is meant to show just how easy it is to find, customize, and work with Rust in-game items. It’s easy to get started; customization is simple and straightforward, as well as the trading part. Customize your items to create your own unique character, trade and market your skins to earn some cash on the side, all the while having some fun playing the game.


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