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CS:GOPedia/Blog/Guides/Star Ladder Will Host the Next Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major Championship

Star Ladder Will Host the Next Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major Championship

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Counter-Strike series is the most popular first-person shooter video game of all time. The game is becoming so popular that more and more people are investing on it. Do you know, for example, that former NFL player, who played in several of the top teams in the NFL Super Bowl odds, Ricky Lumpkin, streams CS:GO often? He is not the only one, Brazian with soccer player Neymar also being a confessed fan of the game.

History of Majors

However, if for these athletes the game is just a hobby, for other players the game is a sport themselves. The CS: GO championships known as Majors have been around since 2013 hosted by DreamHank and with the total amount of prize pool of $250,000.

Six teams were invited based on their previous performance in tournaments and four of the teams go into direct qualifiers. Nowadays the prize pool for the tournament is $1,000,000 making it one of the best and prestigious tournaments in the world.

Next CS:GO Major

This year it will be the fifteen Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major as StarLadder confirmed that they will host the prestigious tournament. This year major will be held in Berlin in Mercedes Benz arena, which is capable of accommodating 14,000 people and fans already have the chance to buy their tickets.

The tournament will start on July 17th and end on September 8th. Here are the full dates of all the events:

  • July 17-21 – Europe & Americas Minors
  • July 24-28 – CIS & Asia Minors
  • July 29 – Minor Play-in
  • August 20-25 – Challengers Stage
  • August 27-September 1 – Legends Stage
  • September 5-8 – Champions Stage

Alexander Chegrinez, Head of the business department at StarLadder said:

"Our company was founded out of an immense passion for Counter-Strike. Our very first tournaments many years ago started with CS. This game was and remains as a critical part of who we are, we grew up with it, and couldn’t be more excited.”


StarLadder has a huge input on the development of Counter-Strike over the years and hosting this kind of event defiantly sets a significant milestone in the organization’s history.

The prize pool as we mentioned is set at a whopping $1,000,000 and the prize pools for Minors will be $50,000 for each region.

Last year’s championship was hosted by ELEAGUE in Boston 2018. They introduced the new format designed by Valve and ELEAGUE which was expanding the number of teams in the Major. They decided to up the number of teams from sixteen to twenty-four allowing all to compete for the precious prize. This made the competition a lot more interesting and it was the first Major’s that took place in more than one city.

We have seen a lot of players receiving a permanent ban from Valve Corporation over the years for using cheats. Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) is the most common ban that players receive and it is designed by Valve to detect cheats on player’s computers. All players using fraudulent software will be permanently banned from the VAC servers and they will not have the chance to play in these tournaments.


Apart from the prize pool, players that compete on the championship can receive four types of stickers such as normal, holo, foil and gold. Every player will get their autograph put into the game as a sticker which fans from all over the world can use in terms of support.

These stickers are valuable and can go up to $5,000 each. The older and rarer the sticker the more valuable it becomes.

It is truly one of the most prestigious tournaments in the world and fans cannot wait for it to start. We will see if this Major tournament will meet fans expectations, whatever happens, it will definitely be fun to watch.

The insane prizes on this tournament just show how eSports are becoming more and more popular. Almost every game is now hosting tournaments just because fans demand to be more and more competitive.

There are many tournaments all over the world for every kind of game such as CS:GO, but also FIFA, Madden and now Fortnite and Apex have become the more mainstream ones.


Author: Mario Petkovski

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