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CS:GOPedia/Blog/Guides/CS:GO Weapons - The Most Accurate Gun Guide

CS:GO Weapons - The Most Accurate Gun Guide

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After we had learned everything about weapon recoil and compensation, it is time to investigate the most accurate gun for Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

Lets see which weapon can help you most in different situations. And how better to aim or preaim using them.

Getting Ready

Here is a question for you. Which of the following types of weapon is the most accurate?


B: M4A1-S

C: AK47


To find the answer for sure we go to our favorite Aim_Botz map.

Open console in CS:GO and type commands: sv_cheats 1 to enable cheats

cl_weapon_debug_show_accuracy 2

precise display of weapon spread

weapon_debug_spread_show 1

enable the crosshair with the spread and recentering indicator

cl_crosshairstyle 2

enable the crosshair style compatible with the previous command

cl_weapon_debug_show_accuracy_duration 500

Sets the duration for bullet spread indicator display


CS:GO test most accurate weapon

Choose the USP, undraw a fence section and lean back against any wall. Then make one shot on the opposite wall. After that, wait for a second, sit down and shoot again.

Now do exactly the same using the M4, AK and Deagle.

M4M4 accuracy CS:GOAK47

AK47 accuracy CS:GO

DeagleDeagle accuracy CS:GO

And the last contender in this challenging accuracy competition has shown itself off rather well: it bested USP and AK in off-hand shooting but fell short of M4A1-S.

Now there is only one event left, which is shooting from the sitting position... Deagle does not have a single chance against such accurate competitors. Right?

JUAN DEAGLE, it’s your time!

But how is that possible at all? This seems to be “the most inaccurate weapon in the game”

The Results Analysis

Results most accurate weapon CS:GO

As you can see for yourself, Deagle has the smallest dispersion radius relative to the center of the crosshair. And this means that in fact, it is the most accurate of the tested weapons.

What a twist ... But if it's so incredibly accurate, why do so many players compare Deagle with the Casino. They say its shooting dispersion varies too randomly, like hell you're gonna hit the target with it.

It's very simple, the vast majority of players are simply unaware of the intricacies of the game mechanics.

The fact is that each weapon in the Сounter Strike has characteristics of dispersion range variation (accuracy recovery) that are little known to the wide audience. This variation is conditioned by quite a lot of factors at the same time, such as whether the player is standing or sitting, running or jumping, uses taping or spraying shooting technique, whether he or she is doing it all together or in some specific sequence, etc.

One tutorial is too short for reviewing all the nuances. But what is possible within this video is to understand at what point people make a mistake.

Accuracy Recovery After the Shooting


AK47 Shooting accuracy CS:GO

standing position: 0.4; sitting position: 0.3


standing position: 0.6; sitting position: 0.5


standing position: 0.3; sitting position: 0.35


USP Shooting accuracy CS:GO

standing position: 2.5; sitting position: 0.9

Yes, Deagle's figures are large, but the main evil lurks not in these figures.

A couple of weeks ago I released a guide in which I explained in detail what strafes, counter strafes were and how they are performed:

So, the main evil resides in the fact that people confuse the weapon accuracy recovery after the player movement with such after the shooting. Thus, counter-strafes DO NOT affect the speed of the crosshair recentering after a shot. These mechanics do not intertwine but work parallel to each other. It is very important to keep it in mind when you use this weapon. Deagle is a special weapon, the correct gaming with which differs greatly from using other pistols in the game.

PS: The most accurate weapon is AUG


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