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The Rise Of Esports Betting 

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With the rise of video gaming, eSports has become so much bigger than anyone could have ever anticipated. It has now become a multi-million concept that truly allows healthy competition to take the next level. A top gamer in the industry can now become a millionaire within the year, that is how much potential has grown within this field. Now it has really become such an imaginable thing for a betting site not to cater towards eSports, since it essentially is the new hype within the betting business.

 The heat has certainly turned up a notch, where we used to see gamers with a nerdy nature to them, now we see athletes of some kind who have fast response times and the ability to effectively combat on screen challenges and competition so very well. If you are curious as to where to get your fix, when regarding gambling for eSports make sure to go here, to find the best CSGO sites for gambling.

 eSports has been responsible for rehabilitating the greater public’s perception of gaming, and if anything brought a new-found respect to the art of gaming overall.

 Skins, guns and all things eSports

While the humble beginnings of betting on eSports was very much a rocky road in the past, It was games like the Counter Strike that started the allegiance of gamers and muses to the niche. Dating back into 1999, it certainly has been around for a while that is for sure. However, it was not until CS:GO was introduced within 2012, that all gaming servers across the world saw a surge in players, with millions for its player base, it had become quite the promising ground to conduct experiments with. The experiment? Gun skins.

 After a four year period, CS:GO saw the launch of colour schemes across their skins, where players could work towards growth in their gaming and be excited about reaching after things that they wanted to achieve. It became a Pandora's box that brought in snippets of gambling, and ultimately enticed an even greater player base overall. Gambling for skins is something that all players get involved with as it is the only way to push a gaming experience forward and makes things more interesting. Who is going to say no to an AK-47 popular gun that can make your gaming go from 1 to 10 in a matter of seconds? 

 Buying crates has brought hopes of rewards from a player’s perspective, and well it has also certainly proved to be very effective. Players have been reported to visit even more frequently, to get their deposits in and get access to all the gambling features available. After that introduction, it did not become long until the introduction of professional matches and leagues were developed for players to participate in and essentially be a part of an even bigger network overall. 

 There were cases of lawsuits at the beginning of the CSGO community however, we saw CSGO Lotto and CSGOLounge face huge lawsuits for the fact they happened to be rigging the systems and conning players out of their money, in addition to money laundering. Since then, we see large regulation procedures introduced to keep both players and site safe from any risks. Regulation is necessary to maintain everything and ensure there is no underage gambling which can quite often be the case too.

 Regulation in eSports

With the lawsuits and upset that came with skin gambling around the world, for a time it was uncharted waters that was in high need of reformation and structure. Even huge legitimate games that drew massive crowds saw the potential of the eSports world, but could not infringe on their reputation with gambling that had no structure. Names such as FIFA were a huge common example, and did not want to be known for supporting gambling with bad press essentially.

 It was only when the Gambling Commissions got involved that events and partaking in eSports gambling became more commonly accepted and not seen as a risk. In fact, it evolved rather quickly and huge events across counterparts of the world, quickly accepted the huge names within this recognised sport. The growth of eSports was mainly powered by such sites who were already involved with betting in some shape and form. As the years went by, it certainly got more refined and niche specific. All betting markets in eSports started to transition into a regulated betting market and then become family friendly in the way they are portrayed across the media. In fact, you could go as far as saying the eSports made gambling less frowned upon than before due to the momentum created in the beginning.

 So where will the future take eSports?

The question now that must be asked is, what is the future for eSports. It certainly has grown massively within such a short time, there is no denying that for sure. With the pandemic giving all gambling a boost, eSports has taken on larger reach and engagement, due to the rest of the world's sporting events being cancelled and delayed. This led to a larger interest in video gaming as a whole, as they were essentially entertainment that was ready at hand with no risk of delays and disruptions.

 Even tournaments in eSports had adapted to hold them from the safe spaces of homes, there was no requirement to actually attend the events in person. All you needed was great internet connection and a PC. Of course, being that most eSport athletes have access to great equipment in the first place, it never was a problem for the continuation of the gaming. 

 Due to such resilience from the niche, it is very likely that the sports gambling will only rise and grow, many finance media platforms estimate that eSport could reach into the revenue of the billions, as in 2020-21 it has very much surpassed other forms of sports gambling, due to the disruptions of the pandemic not affecting them at all. While every step forward is a tackle of unregulated waters, the key here for the industry is to ensure that regulation and procedure is kept up and remains a priority.


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