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Video gaming powering cross-sector investment

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Advancements in technology and crossovers into numerous other sectors means video gaming continues to be a hugely lucrative worldwide market.

Experts have reported that the industry is now worth more than $150 billion, having grown at over 11 percent per year during the last seven years.

It is estimated that around three billion people globally play some form of video game on a regular basis, with the daily amount of time spent doing this activity very much on the rise.

This has inevitably led to significant growth in investment in video gaming, so read on as we take a look at some of the main factors that have influenced this.

Embracing the eSports phenomenon

eSports has shaken off its initial geeky perception to become a billion-dollar business that is now watched by more than 440 million worldwide.

At its current rate of growth, it is on track to become even more lucrative than the likes of the Champions League and Formula 1 over the next few years.

Increased television exposure has helped eSports to attract massive sponsorships which are helping to take the genre into another stratosphere.

This growth has inevitably sparked interest in traditional sporting circles, with many organisations officially linking themselves to their equivalent eSports team.

There are now bona-fide crossovers between the NBA, NFL and many more, making eSports even more attractive to potential investors.

As things stand the sky is the limit for eSports, potentially creating endless possibilities for the video gaming sector.

Casino stocks continue to attract interest

Another area where video gaming has helped to power eye-watering levels of growth is within the online gambling industry.

Experts valued the global market at worth more than $53 billion in 2019 and have predicted that this will continue to rise at over 11 percent annually over the next few years.

Those figures have understandably caused a spike in interest in casino stocks, with many investors looking for opportunities to cash in on this burgeoning sector.

While wider market uncertainties have caused significant fluctuations in the value of stocks, experts remain optimistic that the industry is set for a bright future.

Gambling operators with land-based venues are in the midst of adjusting their business models in order to cash in on the popularity of online casinos.

This will clearly benefit the video gaming industry as developers are tasked with creating exciting new games to aid with customer engagement and retention.

Smart investors are following the money

Market experts have repeatedly predicted that casino stocks will reward investors with some excellent dividends over the coming years.

Technology advancements such as virtual reality will move video gaming onto another level and that will help to power further growth in the online casino sector.

Legislative changes in the United States will also have a major impact as an increasing number of regions open their doors to new investment from gambling operators.

Some of the biggest casino firms are also expanding their operations overseas, with growing markets in Asia likely to prove particularly lucrative. 

Although there are some concerns over trade relations between the US and China, traders and investors remain confident that the gaming and gambling sectors will continue to thrive.

Monitoring where the big players in the respective industries are investing their cash will be a big indicator to where casino stocks could boom.

Video gaming investment – the final word

These are undoubtedly exciting times for video gaming and the industry’s success is fully expected to keep powering growth elsewhere.

eSports and online casinos are likely to be the main beneficiaries as technology continues to evolve at an extremely rapid rate.

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  • Last Update 05 February 2023
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