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What events will please esports fans at the end of 2020?

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According to the esports tradition, a row of spectacular events will be hosted in December 2020. A great number of fans gathered at LAN events and were watching tough battles attentively. But everything has changed radically in 2020. Due to health security reasons, all competitions have moved online.

It was a hard punch for many teams. But the esports industry made a great leap in terms of fans’ attention in 2020. While all sports were banned, there were heavy matches in the esports world.

Teams gradually adapted to the new mode and matches started with new vigor. What will fans of esports disciplines have to watch in December 2020?


The three most prestigious competitions should be mentioned in CS:GO.

IEM Global Challenge 2020

The victory in this competition is considered to be the top of the skill for a CS team. The winners of regional competitions and four teams, which have earned the biggest number of rating points during the year, will take part in matches.

In 2020, the majority of fans expect the final between the CIS team, Natus Vincere, and the South Americans from Furia. The teams have been demonstrating brilliant play against the clubs, which suffered from instability, in this season. It will be fair if the final prize pool of 500 thousand American dollars is up for grabs in the final for these teams.

BLAST Premier Fall 2020 – Finals

As usual, much attention is given to online broadcasts of BLAST Premier Fall.  The winners of the semi-final ShowDown matches in the face of the Brazilian shooters Furia and the European mix mousesports have proceeded to the final and taken the last two vacant spots.

Seven teams will represent the European continent and the Brazilian esports club Furia will be the only team from America.

The line-up of participants is equal and it will be very difficult to predict the winner. The teams OG and Team Vitality stand out against the overall high level.


The tournament will be over in the playoff matches, which will be carried out on 30.11.2020-06.12.2020. The advancement of the Brazilians from MIBR to the playoff stage should be noticed as unexpected.

Dota 2

The traditional Epic League (Season 2) will be the final act for teams in this esports discipline. The ten best teams fight for 500 thousand dollars of grabs in a common online format.

We can say that the tournament is surprising. The gaining-momentum team, Vikin.gg is leading in Division 1. The top teams have taken the 2nd-4th places: NaVi, Virtus.Pro, and Team Secret. However, the main action will start in the playoffs.

Even NaVi has not got used to this tournament yet. The Ukrainian team has only three victories after six matches. It is not worth forgetting that the team changed the whole roster dramatically three months ago. The full roster of the team FlyToMoon has replaced the experienced warriors who had lost their motivation. The guys are still getting the hang of this but it is significant strides forward for them.


VALORANT fans and players are waiting for the only big tournament – First Strike Valorant. The prize pool of the tournament can’t be compared to other disciplines. It is way lower.

The format of First Strike is complicated and includes three stages. Initially, regional winners are determined, then they will play a Round Robin championship and after that, two finalists will play in the final. It is traditionally difficult to predict the winner of the competition.



PUBG Mobile Global Championship Season 0 are becoming more and more popular and many experts think that this format will be the future. Almost two million dollars will be up for grabs at the final tournament.

The organizers promise to host the LAN final in Dubai. The favorites are familiar - teams from Southeast Asia and China. The winner will be determined in January 2021.

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