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CS:GOPedia/Blog/eSports/Who's the Favourite for CS:GO Blast Pro Series Istanbul 2018?

Who's the Favourite for CS:GO Blast Pro Series Istanbul 2018?

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The first of this year’s two Counter-Striker: Global Offensive Blast Pro Series events is just around the corner, so eSports fans are already making their predictions as to who will come out on top. With an event taking place on 2nd November in Copenhagen, the first of 2018 – and second ever CS:GO Blast Pro Series – comes to Istanbul on 28th September. The prize pool in Istanbul, as it is in each Blast Pro Series so far, stands at a tidy $250,000, per HLTV, which six teams are ready to battle over.

The Blast Pro Series looks to become a special feature on the eSports calendar. The tournament features simultaneous games and multiple stages with all of the action being played in front of a live crowd. It shall also be available for viewing on Twitch.


Coming to the event is Virtus.Pro, Space Soldiers, Cloud9, Ninjas in Pyjamas, Make in Brazil, and Astralis. This star-studded cast of eSports teams is set to produce an entertaining spectacle for the fans while displaying their skills on the big Blast Pro Series stage. Of these teams, there is one clear favourite to be the outright winner, but that doesn’t mean that some of the other contenders don’t have a shot.


Led by American  Skadoodle Cloud9 comes in as one of the outside contenders in the CS:GO Blast Pro Series in Istanbul. This year, the team finished first at the ELEAGUE Major: Boston 2018, winning $500,000 for their triumph. That ranks as their biggest win, so clearly the team is on the up.

With a solid win rate of 66 per cent and a current world rank of 26, per GosuGamers,  Cloud9 is certainly a team to watch in this tournament. They may not be as highly rated as the teams further down this list, but they look set to carry momentum and take the fight to the big guns.

Ninjas in Pyjamas


Swedish team Ninjas in Pyjamas, or NiP, come in as a real dark horse contender. With f0rest leading the way while boasting a 1.09 kills/deaths ratio, NiP intend to enhance their 64 per cent win rate and world ranking of ninth. However, they’ll have to overcome a familiar foe if they’re to do so.

The CS:GO team are sitting third in the odds to win the tournament in Istanbul following a 2-0 loss to Astralis on 2nd September at the Dreamhack Masters Stockholm 2018. As of 5th September, NiP are at 8/1 to win the CS:GO Blast Pro Series with their sponsors Betway, sitting behind the 11/2 Made in Brazil and 11/20 Astralis. They may not be favourites, but in the special format of this tournament, consistency and some shrewd wins could see NiP come out on top.

Made in Brazil


Despite being ranked 11th in the world and boasting a 62 per cent win rate, Made in Brazil (MiBR) come in as the second-favourites to claim the title at the CS:GO Blast Pro Series in Istanbul. MIBR were originally founded in 2003, but dissolved in 2012. In 2018, Immortals acquired the branding to create a strong team mainly made up of Brazilian players, including the highly-rated FalleN – who boasts a strong 32.5 per cent headshot rate – as well as some players from the USA.

Now under the  Immortals banner,  MIBR started to compete in July 2018 – a month which saw the refounded team pull in three wins and four losses. But then, in the month of August, MIBR began to gel a bit better, yielding five wins in five matches. Now, they’re seen as having enough skill on the team to be the best bet of toppling the team ranked number one in the world.


Device CS:GO

It’s all been building to this:  Astralis are the favourites to win the CS:GO Blast Pro Series in Istanbul because they are the best team in the world. The Danish group made up of the likes of device, gla1ve, and Magisk, rock a 66 per cent win rate. Having won the ELEAGUE Major 2017 and ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier 2018, Astralis appear to have the momentum. They’re also backed up by coming second to win $50,000 at the inaugural Blast Pro Series in 2017, only missing out to SK Gaming.

The innovative CS:GO tournament is set to be yet another exciting addition to the eSports calendar. While the teams attending all boast class and ability, Astralis look set to rectify their shortcomings of last year by taking the title in Istanbul.


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