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WoW boosting in the pandemic time

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WoW boosting in the pandemic time

Boosting services became extremely widespread in this age of prevailing online games. And it is quite a usual thing for such a massive MMORPG like World of Warcraft. Any WoW boost is an act of mutual help for people (especially when you buy a trusted one like Leprestore WoW boosting). It is so because through buying World of Warcraft boost, you give a job to people who put their soul in this game, to the professional players. However, this is only one benefit both customers and companies have from boosting. In this article, I would like to briefly show you how pandemic can change our view at any WoW boosting service and why you should try to order some WoW carry (or even become a booster!). 


    Harsh Maldraxxus lands won’t be friendly to you. Do not conquer them alone.


 Why should boosters get paid?

The pandemic is quite a horrific thing. And not only because of the dangerous disease. People have to deal with the fact they are trapped at home without a job. Not all of them are familiar with the "freelance" mode, and mostly each of them has to feed their families somehow. 

WoW boost services act as a source of income for people in need. They have specific abilities they kept as hobbies in the past, and now is the perfect time for them to turn it into money. The professional player is a potential WoW booster, so hiring such a person means giving them a vital job. You might ask, is it so popular? Do people really pay to receive help in the videogame? And the answer is definitely yes. 




        The Lich King lost his “corona”... Maybe that’s the source of our problems?


World of Warcraft offers you an immense amount of content. Players always need help with mythic dungeons or raids (and that is why WoW raid carry is one of the most demanded services). But thinking that boosters are only silent geeks sitting there in your group and dealing with all difficulties is not entirely correct. The best workers in this sphere are also teachers and supporters:

  • The pandemic showed us that it is crucial to be polite with each other. Many players in Shadowlands are entirely not familiar with the game. These people were at parties yesterday and spent all the time in the office. Today they found a way to feel mentally healthy with WoW. That is why boosters should speak with people explaining some aspects of what is happening in the raid or dungeon. Their job allows newbies to get started without putting wasteful efforts into the process.




Dying in raids will be punished with a huge slap from this hand. Beware!


  • Playing WoW is quite a hard thing even for the experienced player. With every expansion, you need to get familiar with dozens of mechanics changing all the time. Blizzard made a mentors' system for such cases, but it does not work properly as mentors do not get anything for their help. It leads to the chat situation when the newbie asks for help with a particular rare mob, but all the mentors are silent. In this sense, boosters are also paid to be supportive and really helpful to their customers.


Why do players benefit from boosting?

The pandemic has shown us the value of possible digital jobs. However, even those who just play WoW after another freelance work also win a lot from the development of the digital boosting industry. And again, quarantine time leads us to the reasons for this phenomenon.



These trees in the air show my sanity after a year in isolation. 


Any WoW carry service is designed as something that can help you to deal with an undesired activity. Some people don't like PvP stuff. You may say, why won't they just stop playing PvP? Well, WoW does not allow you to do such stuff. If you want to collect all the mounts in the game, you need to play PvP. If you're going to have the rarest achievements, you should also go to battlegrounds and arenas. You cannot even imagine how many things we do in WoW that are not pleasurable at all for us. 



Boosters have to solve her riddle every day. Many hours in a row. Sick Mistweaver.

The problem of such activities became even worse during the pandemic. Today many hardcore players and newbies have to combine personal life at home with playing WoW. However, the game takes much more time in the quarantine, and the player has to choose the activities wisely. Blizzard also fired up this issue as in Shadowlands, there is much more content that requires you to play every corner of the expansion. Wanna upgrade your Covenant Sanctum? Collect as much more anima as possible. Oh, and remember that without PvP, your weekly cap won't be high enough.

Shadowlands boost became a "pandemic" option of escaping the activities that ruin your experience and strike your mental health significantly. Playing WoW should be fun and relaxing, but today players state on forums that new mechanics stress them a lot. In these circumstances turning to boosters may be a magic wand that will break the ugly wall on your progression road in the game.



Good boosters choose the Kyrian covenant all the time. Because even after death, they have to grab someone and lead them to their goal.


Both boosters and ordinary players win from interacting with each other during the pandemic. WoW was always an alternative reality for living, and today it has become a home for millions of new people. When you lose your job or have to relax from the exhausting days with your children that cannot go to school, Azeroth turns into a new asylum for you. I can say that our controversial opinion on boosting will change really soon as it changed about video bloggers or digital influencers. We always want people to really like the job they do, and I guess it is difficult not to like WoW being a professional player. WoW PvE boost or any other one is basically a story about a mutual connection between two people that are fond of the thing they do. 

by yeellee 
  • Last Update 29 January 2023
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